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Updated Tip It World Map


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Seeing as how runescape has undergone alot of new updates and they recently expanded the world map I think tip it should update their very nice interactive map. I have already taken it upon myself to convert the entire map (painstakingly) into bitmap format. This is for sake of quality so nothing is lost untill the final product is ready. Is there anybody that I can send the map to so it can be updated and whatnot?




For clarification the file is in psd format (photoshop).

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That is quite a bit of an undertaking you've done. Unfortunately this isn't the proper forum for it. I would move the post myself to the appropriate thread but don't the ability in that forum. As such I'm locking this but please feel free to repost this in the following link where it belongs and can be of use. :wink:




Atlas: World & Wild


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