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How to make money easy in F2P?


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Yea steel bars is apparantly the way to go, however i hate that! Once u go to the hasel of getting the ores and making the bars, it seems criminal to just sell off such easy xp, personally i wud make into steel plates and high lvl alch, wudnt give u as much money, but u'd land ur self wit a well higher smithin and mage lvl. Theres a few other ways tho, wots some of ur higher skill lvls?

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But High Alching Steel plate is only worth 1200Gp as opposed to 2500 minumum from selling the steel bars.




High Alching is fine if you are trying to get the levels up, but if it is cash you want - sell steel bars.


It can be boring mining so many ores, but it is very profitable

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