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  1. Can someone check the SID of my Platinum game please? Timezone is GMT +1. Thanks :)
  2. Spam birthday!

  3. Minotaurs. Iron arrows = $. And everything is 100k if you do little of it. You need to do lots of stuff that earns 100k. Runecrafting earned me 20 mill.
  4. Mining. Runecrafting. Perfect money-makers for F2P. Gold Amulets, very changing. Gold Necklaces sell for 135 minimum in the shop in Port Sarim, so are a safer option. But not fast money. Runecrafting! And Fishing aswell. It doesn't require much attention.
  5. Quite easy, really. I'm 65 Dungeoneering with 1 Defence and mainly trained it at 55 Combat with ranged as my primary combat skill. Prayer doors are the only big problem. I had to restart several times because of them. But it's better than gaining a prayer level imo. Furthermore, practice is key and all bosses of themes one and two shouldn't be a problem at all. Of theme three, only the Ranger-one should be a problem (atleast for me). Others can be ranged or maged (if you have 59+ magic). Another problem is finding a team if you want to play in team. You combat is too high for being a skiller (and a lot of pkers don't have good non-cb skills) and it's too low to be a fighter. Being lucky is important here and being able to show that you aren't entirely useless. And pking experience: Get it in real PvP. When you die, what do you lose? 50k in a protect world?
  6. Moved this, hoping you'll get more answers of players experienced in PvP. As for Defence, don't raise it. 1 or 10 defense barely makes any difference but the combat levels. When ranging, you don't wear black anyways, the best you can take is a hardleather body, which is useless or a black chainbody, which is pretty expensive for its stats and again, not that much better. And for Range-2h, 60 ranged is too low with 70 strength. Certainly with 85 Magic as you'll be magic based. You'll have a higher combat but will be using inferior stats. Personally, I think Ranged should be either the same as Strength or higher.
  7. - Toy Story 3: Gave me an awesome nostalgic feeling! Even when not seeing Toy Story 1 and 2 in years! - Vampires Suck: Had a good laugh once. All the other 'good' ones can bee seen in the trailer, so they aren't funny anymore. It was a weak movie overall. Though the girl there played Bella pretty well imo. - The Nightmare before Christmas: Story is good. The singing is awesome! Very good movie!
  8. Free Mew! 15-30th October :D (HG/SS only)
  9. One huge "WHAT?" at the low level update. Free spell with Air Runes? Isn't magic being AFKed enough already in Lumbridge Cellar? Ranged - Not needed, might be something to work with in the future though. It has potential, but not the way it is now. (How fast/slow are these? I hope slow, seeing it's only a bit weaker than a Bronze Arrow.) Though, overall, not needed. Plenty of Runes/Arrows available in the Catacombs/SoS. And you generally don't stay a low level for too long.
  10. I feel like Jagex is trolling you. You'd expect a wipe of all POHs after you got the Abby Head. Or let's just hope you can enjoy it as long as possible :D (Untill the next House-Decorating?)
  11. There's no need to have a poll for just this yes/no. And without forums or tv: No, I would not. Perhaps when they release virtual reality helmets.
  12. Back in my day, World 31 was a non-member world.
  13. Very nice. Pretty balanced stats. What's the ring-thing on tab 5?
  14. Problem imo is that there aren't enough discontinued items. I've played online games which had many, many discontinued items. These were relatively cheap. Far from as expensive as discontinued items are in Runescape. Because there are so many, the market is barely influenced by merchanters. People has a large choice to buy items, so demand has a wider range. It works a lot better than this.
  15. Please advertise websites in this thread: http://forum.tip.it/topic/11294-advertise-your-thing-here-all-posted-elsewhere-removed/ Or your signature/avatar (needs to be within limits ofcourse). ~Kill Life
  16. I liked partyhats and all rares a lot more when they were worth several mills and kept on dropping. Atleast you bought one back then because you wanted to own one. Prices were most likely to drop, so the ones buying one did it for thing other than to earn money later. Now, it's a very disgusting market, imo.
  17. On the 5th of August, I've achieved my first 99 ever (after all these years): Further progress of skills can be found in this picture and my bank with it. Combat level is 56. Now to finish cooking all the fish :)
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