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  1. Dunno what guidesforscapers is talking about, so glad to see the return of the wilderness today...tried out staking made an easy 6m or so...went pking, got dragon claws and whip loot constant kills. Awesome that its back, alot better than not getting any loot in bh because my total level/combat level was low: silly. Personally, i think its better without the random statue drops, it added far too much money into rs and its always nice to see your opponent wearing an item and kill them for that item.
  2. Thanks for all the replies, and yeah i plan to attempt to dung for a chaotic crossbow pretty soon.
  3. Nah, im sure hes slightly higher and nope, never fought him
  4. After 4 Months of being so close to Chaotic rapier but not having the motivation to get it over with I've finally finished it and am now finally maxed. Now i can go and enjoy pking because there's not much in this game i enjoy and find fun now a days. Unfortunately while hybriding with a whip like a complete idiot i messed up my one defence, i was extremely annoyed at first but then i realized its a game and i don't care about a stupid number, just gonna pk and enjoy the game. I finished that a few days ago and have since then been pking, Rapier is awesome but in no way do i ever wish to dung again...i take my hat off to players with higher Dung, it takes some determination to put up with that skill. Anyways - Rate/Hate :)
  5. Nice, good to see you finally maxed and get Turmoil now noob
  6. Very nice achievements. 10/10 for the house also....always nice to see such a thought out thread makes it more interesting :thumbsup:
  7. Random Zammy trip. 4 Man Dk trip :blink: Had some other little drops but didn't screen them.
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