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clue help


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ok i need as fast as possible i got a clue




4 degrees 5 minutes south


4 degrees 24 minutes east




i kno where its at but dont kno how to get there..




its east of gu'tanoth and i have no idea how to get there.. plz help

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In tip.it's Treasure Trails Guide Full list of coordinates link it says,




On the small island East of Ogre City, between the spear wall and the dead tree. To get to that island, you have to walk around the outside of GuTanoth (Ogre City) until you get to the bottom. Start on the Castle Wars side (West side of GuTanoth) and go South until you reach the bottom corner. Then start walking East. Not too far from the Southwestern corner, you'll see a cave just beyond a gap in the fence. Go through the gap in the fence, then go inside the cave, and you'll instantly appear on the island. No quests are required to get onto the island
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