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Computer Restarting For No Reason


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At first my pc was running very slowly so I suspected a virus. Ad-Aware and my virus scanner didnt find anything. So I went online and ran the online Panda scanner. It finds 10 viruses and disinfects them. Case solved, pc runs fine.




So I shut off my pc and in the morning turn it on. It runs fine and loads up my desktop. About 5 seconds after loading, my computer reboots itself. It will continue to reboot until after about 3 reboots it stops. This happens everytime I shut off my pc. I run all scanner...nothing. Help please #-o

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Try system restore, have you installed any new hardware?




Doesn't windows give you an error report that you can send to the microsoft website?






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Open up the case, and see if you can hear your fans running or feel any direct heat coming from inside. Some computers have BIOS settings which enable your computer to Automatically power down on over heat. To Prevent any further damage, i would not keep trying to run it, take it to a technician if possible.


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maybe its nothing to do with a virus, maybes its over heating




yeah...if your computer restarts itself like that it usually means that it is overheating. if you have an intel p4 i can almost guarantee that you are using the heatsink that it came with and that it is overheating. i have the same issue at times b/c intels heat up very quickly. i was going to buy a copper heatsink to resolve the issue...just never got around to it though. (doesn't happen very frequently...maybe once a month)




grab a pure copper heatsink...and it will most definately not overheat...that is unless you are using your computer in a very very hot room lol

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Even if it dones't happen regularly, you shouldn't allow it to happen. Over heating can cause major damage if it goes on. My friend lost a Hard drive due to over heating, and it can detroy your processor. Theres a few things you can do




Get a better heaksink


Use some thermal paste


Buy a $5 fan for your box








Just open your side case


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