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100k to whoever can help.


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my clan leader has given me this clue to find him.


Yes groz will be hiding all day on rs tomorrow can you find him?


If you have more than 170 quest points and 65 slayer you might want to try. Grozy is hiding good and he doesn't move alot can you get his cash out of his pockets?


Whoever find me on rs on tuesday will get 500k prize.


Time of the event:Starting 10 mins after i log on rs.Until the day is over i will be with private on so you can see my world happy hunting.


SA only, so that means no for you TDM and DV guys.




if your clue helps me find him you will be 100k richer. :D

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Well 170 qps isn't a requirement for anything. 175 qps you can finish RFD,which requires Desert Treasure to be completed, so the Smoke Dungeoun does make sense.




thats just to tell that he can be in most of the quest places like apetol...




and yes wrong forum...


^^ click my sig for my lesser ranging guide ^^

jwrm22: 4816th > 99 cooking 100% f2p !1172 total! + 140mil in items.

i dont play anymore... i think rs is ruined

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