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  1. jagex... why? first 90% of the shops sell every item unlimited, and now this? i like the idee, but its ruined on some parts like you have a minimum or maximum price for an item, you can only buy/ sell 6 (amount doesnt matter) items at once. i think they keep taking idees from other games that is a good thing, but that runescape has alot problems with macros, real world rs money sellers and stuff (alot more then other games) do they have to ruin it! then why do we need an "auction house"? all those updates wont make me play rs again...
  2. why o why... too many nice updates... the only problem is... i dont play rs anymore... i think this would be realy usefull for buying large amounts of gems, logs or other stuff that sells 1 at the time, if i still played i would have tryed to get like 100k sapphires to train my crafting :XD:
  3. jwrm22


    You sure? I just ran some calculations, and it would seem that a very large number of pokemon players have been getting very very very lucky with their eggs. its a chance of 1:31 to get one with maxed iv in 1 stat, and 1:31^5 to find one maxed iv in all stats. a ditto that passes ivs isnt realy helpfull because i always find me getting the wrong ivs for the stats. and you cant realy calculate what the iv will be, just because 99% of the pokemons arnt ev trained, so you wont know what ivs and evs they've got :XD:
  4. not a higher lvl... just way stronger :D the god war bosses are easyer to solo then the kq... but still twice the lvl...
  5. team play but not that 1 player can mess it up for the whole team, reward full so it will be played more then trouble brewing, uhm nice exp, just a kewl game :D
  6. all those ityems can be "used", only stuff like saw dust is realy useless
  7. nice update... but its ruined by the fact that only 20 worlds are on it...
  8. ON MY BACK my lvl 99 fletching cape is in my bank collecting dust. 8-) 99% of all ppl that have no respect dont own one... or think: i can do that too... (but never do) or i can buy that too, example: fishing, youll only need 1200k for a 99 cape fishing, most think its easy but its more then 300 hours fishing. i quit after maybe 100 hours... because it was verry boring... (same with cooking, but i made it to 99 (the last 1mil exp took around a week or 2) doesnt everyone?
  9. Yes I suppose it would be nice, but you can already guess how long the poison is going to last by how much you are getting hit of it. The pattern goes some what like this: 6,6,6,6,5,5,5,5,4,4,4,4,3,3,3,3,2,2,2,2,1,1,1,1. he means howlong the ANTI-poison wil last... i like this idee... but i wont need it :)
  10. i compleetly agree... but isnt this a "suggestion"...
  11. to all ppl that dont respect 99 cooking or 99 flechting anymore: WHERE IS YOUR LVL99 CAPE?
  12. just use the whole minigame... not only the building :) (collect 1000 oil, 1000 mages and the profit will be masive)
  13. You do realize that 133MiB is bigger than 128MB Yeah, it's higher. However, you should also realize that 133MiB is the full extent of the Wii's hardware, including that which it uses for graphics, internal processes, etc. That's why I say it'll be difficult to port it in. its not hard disk space... its just its temp. memory that needs to be above 128mb... (my pc runs on 2000mb)
  14. looks nice... :) i only need 1 more farming lvl or a drink...
  15. *selling lifes* *350k each* edit: there are not many famous ppl irl playing rs... and when you hear about them they arnt... and it was just a joke...
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