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Ranging tips and places


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Well i need help




current range level: 50


Armor: blue dhide chaps, vamps... No plate, Magic short bow


Place im ranging: Guards and White Knight Castle




Help ... Where is a good place to lvl my rangewith 10k iron arrows? the places i am at are slooowwww :boohoo:

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Member or Free World Player, would help.


im pretty sure you cant have blue d-hide legs in f2p :idea: lol try training on the blue dragons in taverly dungeon. then you could get your range up and make a bit of money while you are at it


RIP:Hell Buster1

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Yep, I used mossies up to level 60. There are plenty of safe spots in the varrock sewers, especially the southern pair. Moss giants also drop a good amount of seeds. You might want to take some nats and fires to alch away any good armour drops. This lets you stay longer been bank runs.





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ogres til 60, fire giants til 70. simple. blue dragons in taverly is horrible. youll hardly get any targets because of high competition, and youll want to bank to often if you are getting targets.




my favorite place to range ogres is under the clocktower south of ardy. 3 ogres in a little basement rom, with walls and broken furniture that provide perfect safe spots. no food necessary. also, theres the bunch of ogres southeast of castle wars and near yannille if you like.




for fire giants, waterfall is hard to beat. even though its crowded pretty often, its still a lot of ogres there and usually you will get a target all the time or with very little wait




its actually great to train range with slayer, especially after 50 (i think) when you can kill bloodvelds. very good for range exp as well, and good slayer exp. fun to kill all round

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