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Training to 25 agility?


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lol, I was for real im about to get 20 cooking cause i am paying someone 1.5k to bring me loads of shrimps and anchovies. But seriously is there any way to get the agillity fast cause i bloody hate it.

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Well... I would just say do gnome course, or some other easy quests, for 20 agility. Just fish all the way and cook everything. You won't have 20 cooking when you have 20 fishing, so keep fishing longer to get the cooking up. It's pretty fast compared to getting to 62 fishing, or something other. Agility is slow and boring, but from 1-20 it's as fast as it gets. One round around the gnome course would get you up the first level.


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I hate agility training too, but there is no other way than the gnome course if you want to train it.




You can also get experience from quests, you can find out which one to use here:





Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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It's something we all been through dude, we feel your pain. The real fun starts when you need to get from 50 to 56 for Regicide.




There are some quests where you will get genie lamps as a reward, but I'm afraid most of them only apply when you're lvl 30+.

Woot, woott...teach us uncle kll...

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