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bsjoe got banned...y?


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wow i thought you found a better forum who knew?Why not just go ask them? I dont usually beg but does anyone have a loaded shotgun, i really wanna put a bullet between his eyes. Dont post 2 topics on the same thing especially not so simaltaniously (sp?).




Noone knows, as we do not have server data from runescape.Also its a personal matter why they got banned. Lets put it this way.




You just get out of jail and are starting to make friends again. Then later i ask the jail why you were in there. I see you sitting out on a bench with one of the friends you just made. I yell out "LIEK0MGZ ITS THE GUY WHO KILLED


4,000,000 PEOPLZ! AHHHH RUN!




How would that make you feel? I'm not sure bsjoe would want other people knowing.

42.7% of statistics are made up on the spot.


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got out of my perm ban in september, then was muted again in october got out of that in november and started playing again in december :-k














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