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  1. I dont know about you, but it looks like theyre doing something nasty that you wouldnt do in front of your mom :shock: :shock: :shock: And...do you have a valid reason why they SHOULDN'T be bobbing there heads? Bwahahahah.
  2. You can fish a shark,lobster,sardine,shrimp, ANYTHING! right at the shore.Wouldnt wanna swim in there. the recipe for bread is water and flour. you can run into a battle holding 28 sharks with armor and weapons and still manage to get an attack in you can walk through people at barrows it only takes one shovelfull to get in the tomb. if it was that thin wouldnt you fall through?
  3. Better bank layout More prayers New skill management Phats and all other rares will have gone extinct Player owned Shops (Been said but i like the idea) Summons Non tradeable holiday items 15,000,000,000% more noobs(i dont mean newbies, i mean people who go like OmgZ U r t3h st00pid nubz0r5 my m4ln pown yOu 99,999,999,999,999,999X more lag Filters would be less spastic More randoms. *New anti-autoer system* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv| ****The new system would be like having to enter a random word once youve been training one skill for a while. The word would be in picture form to prevent autoers. Like a picture of a card with a word on it. For example.. You've been cutting yews for a while now and a little window pops up labeled "Jagex autoer test. The first time and only the first time you receive this pop up youll be told what to do. After the instructions of "You have 2 minutes to fill in the space with the letters appearing on the card. If this card is unclear press "Skip" to move to a different card, but you only get 3 switches. If you enter the wrong word 10 times you will be logged off, and if you do not answer within 2 minutes you will be logged off and the appropriate actions will be taken against you."****
  4. Well then while were at it why not 99 defence? and mining? and possibly RUNECRAFTING! And imagine if...99 smithing!! woooO! Mage. Magemagemage. I remember on my non pure main i was level 21 my max hit was like 5. My mages 21 combat is 12 max hit. Although it is pricier than the others, it works out in the end when your pking.
  5. 1.pking 2. (cant anymore) flax picking. 1000 is 100k. 3.merchanting.
  6. Baal


    barrows and dragon would be member and not put into the quiz. What about... how many slots are there in the backpack?-28 which is better, a steel longsword or a rune dagger? Rune dagger What quest allows you to wear mithril platebodies? -None. They should know this. I'm not sure if herblaw/ore is members only skill, if not. what do you get when you put rogues purse and snake weed into a vial of water?
  7. no matter how many books you buy to make you rich, you are going to be called a "noob". It's a fact of life in RuneScape. not being called a noob is like not being called a human ^_^
  8. whip:2.5 mil Full saradomin: 2.8mil (credit to Peche) getting construction up to 99: The rest of your GP Realizing that your membership just ran out:Priceless
  9. The worst way to die was when i was low(er) level and didnt know how to fish, being a noob and all, i scavenged. I went around runescape looking for food on the ground and i came across the guy in the wizard tower giving away free kebabs or something of the sort. So i grab one and go get into a random fight. I'm almost dead but i wait for my health to regain back to 7. I went and fought a couple more goblins and noticed my life was low, so i ate the kebab and it finished me off. I only lost about 500gp worth of stuff but i was pretty embarrased that i died because of a kebab.
  10. Tp94, alt= Tpblue Havent seen him in a month. He was just able to wield dragon so i gave him a D long and havent seen him since. :evil:
  11. Blurite ore is untradeable. The nicest thing anyone ever did for me (or stupidest trade ever) was when someone payeed 100k for 100 lobsters
  12. Very nice, love the rename idea. If there is a "petition" then add me to the list.
  13. I did that to get 500 easter rings. Also i had to keep deleting stuff in my sig to get that into my sig because of the 255 character limit
  14. To have your Tip.It forum name changed contact an admin. Only they have the ability to change your forum name.
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