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  1. I just bought a green mask and i'm wondering would full guthix robes or full green elegant would go best with a female character. And does anyone have the prices on any of these stuff?
  2. I have a range cape right now and I'm going to become F2P soon to train on some skills such as firemaking, fishing, and cooking. If i get a 99 in F2P while wearing my ranged cape. does it auto trim?
  3. making money from alching is hard if you want consistant xp since only yew longs are commonly alched and that makes you lose money. Otherwise kill monsters that have consistant medium level drops and alch those.
  4. now I wish i hadn't spent 3 hours standing in one spot waiting for a scythe to show up on the ground(which it never did) because someone told me that's how you get them. I'm still pretty mad about not getting the scythe and the bunny ears even though i was on during both days. Hood looks great with scythe, but the broom idea was way better. Too bad not enough people voted for it.
  5. Yea, and how do you propose he survive there with 1 def and 1 pray? better off just range stuff with bows or knives like other pures.
  6. you might not even be able to kill dharok without some prayer pots. Ahrim will take you at least 2 doses with your stats. karil will probably take 3 doses for you, maybe more since he's not as easy to kill with magic as the melee brothers and you can't melee him. Verac you should pray on the whole time since he can hit you pretty easily without pray. You will probably need to pray on guthan the whole time because he can heal fast. So overall, you need at least 3 prayer pots (probably more). I still suggest learning the safespots in the tunnels and do all the melee brothers in there. Best food is potato with cheese. They're only 16 gp ea in the warrior's guild and heals 16, a lot better than lobbies and monks.
  7. noobs can't take the rock away from him and there's always another one for them. besides, mining silver would slow you down by at least twice the time, which isn't very profitable.
  8. varrock east is better as you can get 3 rocks to yourself and it's fairly close to a bank. Varrock west only has 2 iron rocks you can mine quickly and dwarf mines are not that close to a bank unless you're mining coal.
  9. If you try karil without prayer, you'll lose most of your food because you will take a while killing him. Ahrim can hit you fairly easily because of your low magic level, guthan can hit you easily and heal off you, and verac can probably consistently hit you. Your best bet is to use prayer pots on karil and ahrim and try to safespot dharok and the rest of the melee brothers in the tunnels (only if you know all the safespots because they can still own you if you mess up).
  10. according to several of the barrow guides in the AoW, (i forgot which ones specifically), it said a kill count of 20 or more gives a higher chance.
  11. hunting chins myself would only average max 400 per hour for the next 10 levels, (and chins are always crowded). I can get faster money doing barrows or hunting implings. Range is my number 1 priority right now.
  12. I want to make money to buy red chins for 99 ranged and should i do barrows or catch magpie, ninja, and dragon implings? I've had some luck with barrows (6 drops in 40-50 runs). By catching implings, I can earn somewhere between 200k to 2 mil an hour depending on luck. Which one is faster for money.
  13. you won't find that many ppl selling dragon arrows for 6k, or even 7k. I usually see ppl trying to buy for 7k and sellers sell for 8k. Dark bow is usually only good for its spec as a ko weapon. people usually use a msb or knives to go with it.
  14. hunt magpies and ninjas. They give half keys so often. I usually get at least 1 every 10 i catch. I don't think dragon implings give them though.
  15. are there a lot of competition for catching magpie, ninja, and dragon implings in puro puro?
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