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  1. Would you mind explaining how to get to 99 herb abit better please :)
  2. Hey guys Just wondering, i have 14m to waste on skills alone, and im wondering, would i be able to get a good 99 with it, as i was hoping for 99 mage, but i dont think thats possiable with 14m alone I dont mind any skills apart from Fletch, Cook and FM Thanks guys
  3. Okay so iv been trying to get a fire cape recently and my only trouble is the healers. Iv been wondering is it possable to kill 3 of the healers and leave one and carry on killing jad and the rest dont respawn. Any help would be nice.
  4. Do the diarys then spend the exp on lamps on Hp and get 80Hp Then Spend the other lamps on getting your other skills to 50. "Killing 3 Birds With One Stone" ;)
  5. At 93 I think my average is around about 200+ sharks an hour which is good, but it takes a while to get to 93 :roll: If you want my advice, just fish monkfish, you will proberly fish 2k monks in the time you fish 1k sharks at your level to be honest.
  6. So let me get this right, your trying to say musky haz been hacking? Tbh thats BS, prove it, or stfu. Btw Musky, Long time no speak, remember me ;)
  7. Surpose i got some explaining to do.... Right i must have tryed to make this alive quite sometimes but i never got around to it so heres teh story for you all :D December: Christmas Time and Stuff and i got into WoW... Im currently Level 53 Blood Elf Pally on TrollBane UK Server. anyway so i got into that, i got a new computer and stuff, couldnt be bothered installing anything for a while so i got into better video making, and school work, meeting people, loosing weight, and general having a good time, and i didnt have time for runescape but now i guess im back into the game 100% now so ill give you a little brief for ya all... Bruno, Haz, Triple, Musky + Other Guys From GWDA: Hope you guys can say a quick Hai, I saw you musky a while ago in Soul Wars with your nice combat level ;) Bruno: OH NOES IM BEING RUSHING, Keep up the vids bud. Haz: Not talked or seen you in a while but i hope you still kept that attack cape untrimmed. Triple: Didnt speak to ya much but hey, maybe we can now :D If i missed anyone out im sorry just getting back into it, and ill post of GWDA later if the site is still up.. Will get back into #GWDA soon. Hope to hear from you all soon, Chris.
  8. I know where the armoured zombies are.. Ill have a quick check to see if they work there, Thanks for the help. :thumbup:
  9. Are they even in the wild cause there in a dungeon so i dont know if it counts if it does.. Yay :thumbsup:
  10. Put some more info in.. Ray TYVM for saving me from being an Idiot :thumbsup:
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