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  1. I'd love to get on F2P list. :3 The Kahvi: F2P
  2. Good luck on those goals! :thumbup: I like them, especially that 99 ranging. :D
  3. Thenks! :D I just ruined my plan get 99 slayer as a 1 def pure! Good job.
  4. Good luck on your goals :3 5k Essence in a night should be over avarage I guess.
  5. Thanks. :D I wasn't excepting this many posts today yet. I'm going to mine lots of Pure Essence. Current goal is 41 Mining and lots of money :D ~Henry
  6. Bumpshaa. Rate, hate, commen or anything. I'll post my stats in a second. I need suggestion on what to do next, there is just too much to do in p2p. ~Henry
  7. I tried other worlds too D: Doesn't matter your player can be stuck in an offline world until it's online again. I'll try to log in half hour. If I can't get in I'll post here. And I'll go P2P anyways so I need some tips for new members : )
  8. I still can't log on it so it's most likely changed or something. Mew Mew Grrr sounds funny and I might use it :D And that char creation is because of my computer >:( Many sites aren't working for me and I'll go try on other computer. @sarge1010 ~Henry
  9. Now I made character named "O Kahvi" and I'm making it P2P. I have never been member before so I'd like to get some tips for starters :D Thanks in advance ~Henry
  10. O Kahvi's Bloggehx0rz I'll bump this blog when I get this up to date D: [hide=Latest Edits]Added bank pic Added stats[/hide] [hide=Why did I start playing RS again?]My good friend Nokyto actively played even when I quit. And 666 Blast, another good friend of mine, started playing. Last but not least, Jagex for upgrading graphics and making beta members only so I had even one reason more to finally become member![/hide] 32 Mining [hide=Current goal!] Getting all of my skills on hiscores! :D Attack Strenght Defence Hitpoints Magic Ranged Prayer Slayer Fishing Cooking Agility Woodcutting Fletching Firemaking Mining Smithing Runecrafting Crafting Summoning Herblore Thieving Hunter Construction Farming[/hide] [hide=Bank] + Black Dragonhide Set[/hide] Shet! Accidentally delted ALL of my level up pics >_> Damn, I fail.. [hide=Slayer tasks]7 Birds - Done 36 Goblins - Done 27 Birds - Done 34 Spiders - Incomplete[/hide] [hide=Clues]None, phail~[/hide] [hide=Credits/thanks]Credits for stats and goal thiengies - Runescape Bits & Bytes[/hide] ~Henry
  11. AAAARGHH!!! NOO!!! NOT POSSIBLE! NEVER EVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!! ARGH! :ohnoes: My motivation to mine Iron is zero :S Last night I mined Iron and I was very happy... :cry: Maybe I jsut quit my goal. I have never given up with my goals :S
  12. Oooh! Thank you I use it as template for my bank :D I love you :lol:
  13. @stewyxcore Both but I won't have other combat items than: Melee: Rune Full, scim and 2h (Steel Plate for smithing) Ranged: D'hide armour, coif Maple Short and 2 kinds of arrows Magic: Runes for Fire Strike, teles and high alch. @mrmyk Yes, I'm pure F2P. I don't know why I can't find set up that I like and easy to find items :cry: That's why I want set up ^^ then I might edit it a bit
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