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dragon tooth treasure map help needed


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If you have seen the world map, I'm not sure if it's on Tip.It, but on Runescape Homepage has Dragontooth Island at the most very top right of all Runescape. :o Not sure how to get there though :cry:




Hope this helps ::'

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I believe there is a ghost sailor with a row boat who can take you there. He is loscated in the ghost town (port phaswhatever) to the far west, and I think he charges ectotokens for the voyage.

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I have followed this map over and over and over again, and still cant find the next part.....It says follow treasure map and than you can pick the amount of paces. I just cant find the right start. I have been doing it over and over, and it just doesnt work. it doesnt show on the maps here this particular treasure map.....

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open a tip.it guide

lost rights to my dark red text >:(



Barrows sets: guthan, verac, dharok, maybe ahrim eventually <- lost to a hacker whole stole everything of worth from my bank

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