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  1. I used to spend more time bankstanding and reading Tip.it than actually playing RS back in the day.
  2. This thread is still stickied? I wonder how many relationships this has started. Or ended, which is always a better story.
  3. Modern Warfare 3... It's gotten so.. annoying. Once I hit this 10th prestige 80 I'm putting it down for good finally.
  4. I wasn't too sold on Oblivion, but the area is just so nice and vivid, and the NPCs are just ridiculously good looking. Also, the memes pushed me to buy it as well :shades:
  5. I started the first 100 pages or so on a car ride recently of Stephen King's 11/22/63. It's so interesting to just listen to King's characters and how real they act and perceive the world around them. If anyone is just a casual Stephen King reader, I recommend this book.
  6. What? What would that have to do with it?
  7. Call of Duty... why must I be sucked into buying you over and over again?
  8. I'm most relieved about the fact that we know he is dead now.
  9. I was looking through old pictures on my computer and remembered seeing those HYT photos and the ridiculous "parties" for like someone's 61 crafting. I definitely remember you around here on TIF.
  10. Lol'ing at how you judge games by their graphics. Lol'ing at how you judge people by their judgements. So anyone get Mortal Kombat? I've read only the Gamespot review and it totally looks like the money from what the comments say.
  11. Where's a drunk Robert Downey Jr. when you need him..
  12. I have the same reaction and mindset toward Runescape since I stopped playing about two years now. The amount of money I have now is about 100M which I don't care about whatsoever. Three years ago I would've salivated over the thought of that RS cash. The desire to gain wealth and to increasingly gain the desire to build upon every block diminished over time for me. Runescape definitely can be an addiction which shouldn't even be debated anymore. I remember seeing all of the accomplishments of the fire cape and all of that for you, Muggi, from years ago and was so wow'd by them, but now as I've grown older and matured, I've come to realize Runescape shouldn't be agonizing, debilitating, or stressful to a harmful level and should be played merely for fun.
  13. What an ignoranttroll FOOL. You're not even worth the time to argue over the internet, although is anyone? Regardless of what country or sport you follow, both have the hi and lowlights. We could debate endlessly which one is better but the truth of the matter is that it's an opinion. EDIT: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81eeeebc/article/ochocinco-better-in-day-2-of-mls-tryout-but-game-above-him?module=HP_headlines That will show that even some of the best football athletes can't compete with soccer. Also, it shows that soccer players cannot simply walk into the NFL.
  14. I think that to have a reason is to have the desire and yearning to do something beforehand. You can't have reason to live because you were not existent beforehand; you simply have motivation to live. Just an opinion of how the topic's worded. Anyways I'd say my motivation among all is fear of death, the desire for intellect, and to change what I can for the better.
  15. There are endless possibilities, especially since Jagex now allows us to use past names.
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