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Verac... or Initiate


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Hello, I'll be using Muggiwhplar's guide to the fight caves. Now, here's my stats:




67 prayer


71 ranged


73 defense


75 hitpoints








Crystal bow full


3 range potion(4)


18 super restore potion(4)


6 saradomin brew(4)






Crystal bow full




Karil's leathertop


Verac's plateskirt


barrows gloves


snakeskin boots


ring of recoil


unholy symbol


legends cape




now i cant afford a verac's helm... should i try to get it or will initiate be fine. here's a comparison:








all that matters really is the extra +43 range defense... but is it worth it or not?

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I don't know much about fight caves, but it seems verac would help. If you have the 2.7m hanging around then just buy it and sell it afterward? I don't know.


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All questions to help & advice please. Locked.





Ty Jeppoz for making it. Thx to the Pup for finding it after it got lost :D And thx to Kill_Life and Turtle for the ava.


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