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Range Question.


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Ok don't laugh. Im only level 78 with 26 range :oops: I want to get it to atleast 40. Where should I range?




I'm no archery expert either but I would range the moss giants they drop good things too.




BTW, I'd use willow longbow and mithril arrows, maple longbow and mithril arrows until you get to 40 and can use rune.

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What I did was, 1-25 range I trained on primarily cows, but also other easy things. From 25-40 range I trained on ghosts in the Varrock sewer (go behind the piece of rubble and they can't hit you. Use the highest shortbow you can, and upgrade to Maple once you get 30 range. Training arrows don't matter much, I usually train with bronze or iron, because they are cheap. Then, if you want, at 35 or so you can train on the guards in Edgeville (shoot them through the gate). From 40 up range, train on anything you like, if you plan to go higher than 40 range. And from how my range account is going now, doing that has worked well. If you don't plan on pking with range, just buy iron or bronze arrows, or if you want, steel. Buying higher is a bit of a waste though unless you have money and you want to spend it lol.

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