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can anyone help with my problem????


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i have made abit of money the last few days, and i havent a clue wot to spend it on and i need help. i was thioking of buying full torag or jus with out the hams and use my whip and obby sheild to go and train combat, but then i fort i dnt no weava it is any good for training combat or any good monsters to train on?




so these are the questions i am asking:




1. is full torag any good and wot is it good for?




2. if i get it wot should i train on?




3. has any one else has any sugestions for my to spend my easily earened cash on?




many thanks :D

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Full torag has insane def bonus so it is good for melee training. hammers on the other hand suck alot so the obby shield + whip with full t seems to be the most popular way to train combat, if you can afford the set.




It is good for example against experiments which have low def and alot of hitpoints. of course it's better than rune against any non-mage monsters.




You could invest the money however for example on coal ores, mine iron make steel and sell them to get more money or find another way to increase your wealth in the game.




And please, note your language. As i understand that not all are from english-speaking countries (nor am i) one should still be able to write basic english which alot easier to read than the phonic/jibberish you used on some words.





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a fool or a coward.


Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law

is both.


For a wounded man shall say to his assailant:

"If I live, I will kill you, If I Die, you are forgiven."


Such is the Rule of Honor.

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