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need help on practicing combat


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when i practice my combat level, i usually go fight mossys cuz i like their drops. i hav full rune, and you can see my stats in my sig. when i fight them, should i use a scimmy or a 2h? if i hit w a 2h, i won't hav a shield to protect myself but i might knock them out so fast that they wont be able to hurt me.


btw im f2p

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Until you can 1, 2 or 3 hit the moss giants, the scimitar will take the mossie out faster. Its all dependent on damage per second, and scimitars are way faster than 2hs.


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Well you could consider Rune Battleaxe medium speed and it hits high, best of both worlds? But I wouldn't do the R2H it's too slow.


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yeah. 2hs are a bit too slow. rune battleaxes and scimmies are my preffered weapons. simply because they're one handed, and they're not as slow as 2hs.

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