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Desert treasure help


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im doing desert treasure and ive gotten the smoke and blood diamond so far. and when i tried to get the shadow diamond i just got creamed. i brought 4 prayer pots (4) and 20 sharks and i tried using earth blast but i could only hit him for about 15 damage before i had to run.




if anyone knows a good strategy could you pm me in the game or post here. im on most of the day.




RSN: falkenhainer





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Post your stats, that would help.




What I did, is when the strong one comes out earth blast him, after about 2 blasts, drink 2 doses of p pots, then 2 more blasts etc. It may be a little too much but it helps alot.


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I meleed all except for ice diamond. I recomend trying melee and prayering. super set and blow right through him I found him the easiest. I didnt bother with earth blast or whatever and unless its been changed you should have no worries. Just run back a lil until the skeletons get stuck behind him and you'll have him one on one he will follow you no worries. I got that info off of the guide at http://www.runehq.com when I did it.

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The ice guy was the worst for me. I finally best him (after freakin 7 attempts), by praying against mage and maging him with fire blast. Good luck. (Bring a ton of food, two or three prayer pots should be enough for him, but food is important).


Thanks Venomai for this super sig and Kwimbob for the awesome avatar!

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Tip one for ice. Make it to him teleport out so ur trail will remain when get back. trust me ull want to bring those super restores. dont worry about energy wont help anyways. also Fire spells hurt him bad. Keep ur health up. A good combo is sarabrews and super restores. sara brews heal 15%+2 to your hp per dose. and super restore will restore any negative stats which will constantly be dropping so bring tons of fire spells and use auto cast. Stand in middle away from him so he doesnt use melee. Dont use mystic robes they have no melee def. instead use ahrims if u can afford otherwise black chaps and mystic top or splitbark top and mystick bottom are some good combos oh and ofcourse ring of life and a quick telly.

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