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Can you get more than one rune defender?


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should be able too (i think)

Best/latest drop list:

Rune: 18th of june 2006 [scimmy]

Other: 6th of June 2006 [3 half keys, T]

26th of june 2006 [yellow mystic hat]


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As you have probably gathered from all the minigames in the Warriors' Guild, you will be rewarded with tokens. If you head to the top floor, you can speak with Kamfreena who will explain how you can use these tokens to get the ultimate prize: defenders.




Defenders are off-hand weapons that are wielded in the shield slot and provide positive Attack bonuses. To earn a defender you must go into the room on the top floor and battle the Cyclopes, which will drop defenders on the odd occasion. For every minute you are in the room, 10 tokens will crumble away, so ensure you have a nice amount if you want to stay a long time.




The first defender you get will be bronze. When you have this, return to Kamfreena and show her it. When you enter again, she will say that the Cyclopes will now drop the next one up (iron). Again, you will have to kill until you are lucky enough to receive this drop. Continue this for steel, black, mithril and adamant to finally get to rune.




Important: If you die and drop your defender, you will need to start over. Because of this, it is wise to keep the other defenders in your bank, so you can show Kamfeena and start on the defender you dropped. For example, if you lose your rune defender, but have an adamant defender in the bank, you can show her it and only have to work for the rune one, not all of them again.


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