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Road to 80 mage.

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Ok I have always wanted a higher mage level since I have started its not that hard to do its just which way to do it, how much do I spend, how long will it take me to get this high, all these questions you ask yourself while choosing a way to get your level up. Well I have tried many methods and my favorite is fletching magic long bows and high alching them.




Day 1.


Sold sharks to get 1k nats bowstrings and magic logs fletched and alched came out with 92 fletching and 71 mage. Got 1200 mage logs, nature runes, and bowstrings alched. Bought 1300 mage logs, nature runes, and bowstrings got 72 mage.




Day 2.


Having trouble finding nature sellers decide to sell fury and buy them in bulk.... bought 16500 natures 350 each. Buy 1k magic logs, and bowstrings, alch got 73 mage. Bought 1200 bowstrings, and logs alched got 74 mage and 93 fletchin.




Day 3.


Bought 2k mage logs, and bowstrings, alched got 75 mage and 94 fletching. Bought 2600 mage logs, bowstrings, alched most of them got 76 and 77 mage.75mage.png




Day 4.


Alched rest of day 3s bows starting to buy more supplies.




*First 2 days are not totally accurate because I just now decided to start this thread, also I am only on here when im cutting them into unstrungs. Will be away this weekend.[/img]

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Nah iI'm to lazzy for that lol


I've been using fire strike on green drags because I can craft the hides and sell the bones, even though i miss half the time lol


I wish I had enough cash to buy massive nats like you to alc, much quicker at the moment I only have a little over 1mil

Look its rob!

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