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It seems like in order to be successful in something it requires dedication. I'm currently striving for 99 cooking, i'm nearing level 97 very soon. In p2p there are many ways one could go about reaching level 99. I've been around runescape for a few years though I never once became p2p until a month or so ago.




My purpose for this topic is to get feedback from top chef's who has reached 99 cooking and beyond (beyond as in the 200mil xp which is left to obtain).




Discussion Q's:




1) In p2p, now that you have 99 cooking do you still train it for the xp? And what source do you use?




2) Does it seem easier now then before JaGeX's release of the cook~X all option?




3) Any strange stories you might have in memory relating to the skill.

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1) can't answer that only lvl 96. I basicly use monks that I fish or sharks my girlfriend fish. Sharks are the fastest exp you can get and u don't burn any when u reach lvl 94 (If I am not mistaking it is 93 on range and 94 on fire - with cooking gloves ofcurse). You can find alot of people that sell sharks or trade raw for cook and best place to cook is Rogues' Den.


2) Much Much Much easier. no more click click click. but it is slower then it used to be. When you click on food and range it was faster cause u didn't have to wait for the emote just when u see the food cook in your inv.


3) any stories... usually cook and read forum or watch tv.

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