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Need Help/Advice On 2 Accounts


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Ok the first on i've posted before but didn't get many replys from my mage Pure, i'm not quite sure what to do with it.... i was thinkin on getting it to 70 mage and 35 hps at level 45 and get members but im not sure...


Stats Right Now Are:


Mage: 65


Hits: 39


Combat: 39


all others: 1






OK second account is my main i'm just wondering with would be the best + fastest way my me to make money?








Combat: 88






Thank Joo.

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you do have 85 mining, so you could go rune mining. woodcutting is an option, go yewing and then start cutting mage logs. you also do have a high fletching. you could make tons of yew longs and high alch them. provided that you get your range up and get your slayer up, you could do barrows. also, you could rc laws or nats and sell them.


Retired from runescape. I will be on every now and then though. :)

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like the first person said, rune mining. try heros guild for that, its safer than the wild.




Also he said fletching. Fletch yews and alch. if you do it right, there is a good profit and the magic xp is good.




you could make nats too.

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