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  1. I've made friends in RS that I've never seen or met face to face. The closest contact I've had with any of them is through Vent or phone. I haven't had members in about 3 months, and I haven't seriously played the game in over 2 years. I get on vent every once in a while, but getting on last night, I decided to log in and check out the duel arena/wilderness since it had been a while since i have played... and i mean, come on! the wild is back! I got on, got into vent, was talking for a few minutes. I was offered a membership card pin for free. just for the heck of it. then I got on and gave one of my friends my SoL that i had in my bank from my last membership. All of this happened because I know I can trust these guys/girls. Trustworthy RS friends can be found, its just a matter of where, and how willing you are to make the effort to see if they really are trustworthy.
  2. You're telling me it doesn't matter to me weather I profit? I'm telling you it does matter, which is why I asked. That's like saying it doesn't matter how many charms I get bursting, if I get a lot it's just coincdence. I'm paying for maging and getting charms from lobbys. If I wanted mage exp I'd alch and If I wanted charms I'd kill waterfiends. I wouldn't have asked if It didn't matter, as it's a matter of personal preference. I would just like to at least break even or make some money, I can't afford to loose any more cash. I think the point he was trying to make was that there is no direct profit from demons, only a chance for profit. Frost dragons on the other hand, drop bones worth 17k each 100% of the time, which is greater than the money you are spending to kill them. If you are insistent on not losing any money, you should get your dungeoneering up.
  3. As others have stated, I would occasionally use other websites (I would try them all to get the info i needed) for quest help. It's not that tip.it doesn't have good guides, but sometimes I would be using a guide and there would just be a gap in information. It could be obvious what you should do, however I will be the first to admit I am not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes.
  4. fun? what's fun? this is runescape!
  5. I've owned 1 party hat in my 7 years of having my account. It was about two years ago when i bought it. I can't remember exactly how much I bought it for, but I remember I was going back to F2P, sold all of my items, and bought a green. About a year after owning it, I decided to sell it for around 180m (making a lot of profit). I figured that the price would shoot back down eventually, like it normally does. I get back on a few weeks later to check the prices and see that the hat was 400m+. My only experience 'merching' a party hat was a positive one. I made more than (if i recall correctly) 40m and now I have a large enough cash pile to do what I like to do... comfortably. But now, it seems like the only way to get a partyhat would to be to pay for a party hat, and double what that hat is worth in poisoned addy arrows, which is beyond stupid. obviously people have found a way around the GE and max trade limits, which shows just how ineffective they are. kind of on topic: i cant believe how crazy the economy has become in 2 years.
  6. I just got a task of gargoyles. Unfortunately, i only have 397 slayer points... bleehh edit: just crapped myself when i saw the right-click 'smash' option after like 60 kills. lol
  7. I've been away from RS for a while, and I am just finishing up my first month of membership after about 2 years of being inactive. I started a bit of slayer during this past month, and I noticed a few new options in the rewards screen. There is one that allows me to do killing blows faster. Unfortunately that's the only description i've been able to find (on the official website, tip.it skill guide, etc). Anyone have any more insight on the matter? If it's going to make a difference in my slaying, I'd like to know what it is. thanks!
  8. I like my untrimmed defence cape. With more than 5 years of play time (and close to 2 years of being on a 'break'), I think it distinguishes me from a lot of other people. Do you know what it's like being called a def noob for more than 3 years of play-time? Some of the most interesting, and fun times i've ever had, haha. If you've ever seen someone 'rage-quit' because you were pulling out the whip combos in the wilderness, just think how people respond when their 99 strength hits a combo of 8 0's in a row. sometimes skillcapes are more than just a goal, as OP suggested.
  9. a majority of my experience is from DKs and Barrows. Both have a pretty decent return on your cash investment, but you have to account for supplies other than runes. but keep in mind that DKs isn't as predictable as barrows. if you go to barrows, you can get your runes back, and make cash at the same time. Its not going to get you to 99 in a month, but it will get you some levels while gaining a decent amount of cash and runes. DKs: your money comes from drops, namely warrior ring, breserker ring, dragon hatchet, and dag bones. you lose 100% of the runes you cast (unless you use a staff that has the chance to save runes). barrows: in my experience, i only lost about 10-20% of the runes i put into it (mind and death runes) while gaining bloods and chaos. you can sell the extra runes for cash, or keep them for training later on. And since barrows armor seems to be pretty stable, and more expensive than it once was, the drops you get can go straight into the more expensive methods later on.
  10. Woooaahhhh! Long time - no see! How have you been? And yeah, I haven't played for a long time, something like 2+ years. Add me again. The new name is PBDave

  11. well you sure crawled out from under a rock. welcome back!

  12. Have you ever thought that maybe this is intentional on Jagex's part? Maybe not just you in particular, but merchanters in general?
  13. 25,608 addy spears (metal dragon drops) 792 Steel axes (slayer drops) 32 rune pickaxes (clues) 51 rune hatchets (clues) None were bought.
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