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Kalphite Queen Killing Guide (AOW)

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Guide originally posted Thu Aug 11, 2005 8:04 pm

Original discussion topic (can post replies): http://forum.tip.it/...ic.php?t=312942


The Kalphite Queen is the biggest monster in runescape. She is level 333 but is actually easier than you may think if you put your mind to it. She uses all three types of combat (melee, mage, range). Most people when fighting the queen go in groups of about 4-10 people because it is a multi combat area. It is possible to kill her with just 2 people and even 1 if you are a high enough level. I would not suggest attempting to kill the queen in a group before you are combat level 80, and i wouldn't suggest trying to kill her with 2 people before you are 100.

What to bring:

For Groups:

To fight the queen you oviously need armor. Now what kind of armor? Well that is up to you. You should bring your best armor, a good weapon, and either magic spells or a bow and arrows. You can also bring full dragon hide armor of the best you can wear if you are afraid of losing items. Also wear a glory ammy and ring of wealth if you have them. The other items you will need are a shantay pass, a super set, an anti poison potion (super anti poisons are helpful instead), teleport runes to camelot, a prayer potion (4 dose) or two, and the rest of your inventory of the best food you can get. Sharks are the best here. (If you want you can bring a range or mage potion to help you a bit but its not necessary) Lastly two people in your group will need ropes. Here is a picture of what you will need fighting the queen in a group.

Posted Image

For Duoing or Soloing:

It is possible to duo and solo the queen using the same armor and weapons as mentioned in the "for groups section" but the easiest way is to buy a set of verac's armor including the weapon and use that. Also wear a glory ammy and ring of wealth if you have them. The other items you will need are a shantay pass, a super set, an anti poison potion (super anti poisons are helpful instead), teleport runes to camelot, a prayer potion (4 dose) or two, and the rest of your inventory of the best food you can get. Sharks are the best here. Lastly two people will need ropes. If you are soloing you will need 2 ropes yourself. Here is a picture of what you will need duoing or soloing.

Posted Image

NOTE: For those than don't know veracs special ability: It allows damaging hits to sometimes hit as if the thing being hit is wearing no armor. It ignores armor basically. Also prayer counts as armor. On the queen this is very helpful because you can melee the second form instead of ranging or maging like usual. It allows for bigger and more accurate hits.

Finding the queen:

The Queen is fairly easy to get to. Once you have your group and you are all ready, make sure you have your ropes and everything else you need, Starting at shantay pass follow these maps to get to the queen.

Posted Image

Start at The shantay pass (there is a bank chest here if you need it) use your shantay pass going through the archway and follow the red path on the map which leads to the kalphite lair. Use a rope with the tunnel entrance and you will now be able to enter it.

Posted Image

Now on this map you will be at the place that says entrance. (It's a good idea to use your super anti poison potion now if you have it) Follow the red path again on the map until you get to the red dot. At this dot it is a good idea to use your super potions. You are about to enter the Kalphite Queens Lair! When you and your group are ready, run forward and use another rope with this tunnel entrance. Go down and you are about to fight the biggest monster in the game

How you and she fight:

This is probably the most complex fight in the game. The Kalphite queen has two stages. When you kill the first, the second one spawns in its place. The first stage uses the prayers protect from range and protect from mage so only melee combat will affect it. The second stage has protect from melee so you need to range or mage it. In addition to this both forms have very high stats so it is hard to hit and it hits hard. Be careful here because she can hit in the mid 30's. Watch your prayer and make sure it doesnt run out. You should be using protect from mage through the whole fight. Also it is not necessary but it is a good idea to use protect item, and the 3 best stat ones. Here is a picture if you dont know what i mean.

Posted Image

While fighting the queen has 3 different attacks. Range, mage, and melee. Because the mage is strongest you are using protect from it. The range is the next strongest and it can hit more than one person at once. The melee only hits one person at once and it isnt as strong as the range attack. Here are pictures of each.

The Range Attack

Posted Image

The Melee Attack


The Mage Attack

Posted Image

So its pretty basic from here on. Eat when you need to (try to keep as close to full without wasting food), use a pray pot when its needed so ur prayers dont fall, hit it hit it hit it, and if you arent using veracs, switch to your range or mage gear for the second form. Pretty simple once u get the hang of it.


If you have done kq a few times and you are ready to get more into the details of how to kill kq, this is the section for you.

1) First of all it is a good idea to spread out when you are fighting. The Queenes range attack does the most damage really and she can shoot at more than one person at a time. If you spread out all around the queen she cant shoot at all the people. He are some basic diagrams:

Posted Image

In this picture the two people are in a straight line with eachother so the queen can only hit one of them at a time. (good)

Posted Image

In this picture the two arent in a straight line so they both get hit at the same time. (bad)

Posted Image

In this last one there are 4 people but if they stay in straight lines with one other person only 2 of them will get hit at a time which is obviously better than all 4 getting hit.

If there are more than 4 people you can still just spread out as much as possible and you wont all be hit.

2) The second strategy some people use is to get extra food. There are many ways to do this. First you could use your super pots before you leave the shantay pass and bank the super set so you can have an extra 3 spots for food. Next some people share an anti poison pot which opens one spot for one person. And lastly you can go through the shantay pass all ready, then drop a shark, go back through, get another shark and shantay pass and go through again. You can pick up the shark you dropped before so you can fill the spot the shantay pass was taking up.

The Loot:

First of all here is a link to tip.it's bestiary entry for the Kalphite Queen. It lists all possible drops. HERE IS THE LINK

Next this is my own personal records. Me and my friend took some time to record everything that dropped from our 100+ trips that we have taken to kill the queen. Unfortunatly we havent had a chain drop yet but it is totally luck. BTW this is a rather long list so you may need to scroll a lot.

1) 500 mith arrows

2) 19 blood runes

3) rune chain

4) lava battle

5) ammy of power

6) 19 blood runes

7) 3k cash

8) 600 fire runes

9) 75 nature runes

10) 75 nature runes

11) Addy spear

12) 19 blood runes

13) 20 wines of zamorak

14) 75 nature runes

15) 100 rune arrows

16) addy spear

17) 7 cooked lobsters

18) 19 blood runes

19) addy spear

20) addy spear

21) Lava battle staff

22) 20 wines of zamorak

23) 20 wines of zamorak

24) 75 nature runes

25) 3k cash

26) 500 mith arrows

27) Nothing

28) Rune chain

29) 7 cooked lobsters

30) ammy of power

31) rune chain

32) rune chain

33) rune hatchet

34) ammy of power

35) 75 nature runes

36) 75 nature runes

37) 75 nature runes

38) 500 mith arrows

39) 500 mith arrows

40) 19 blood runes

41) Nothing

42) 600 fire runes

43) Rune warhammer

44) 75 nature runes

45) 500 mith arrows

46) 20 law runes

47) 500 mith arrows

48) uncut emerald

49) 20 wines of zamorak

50) 500 mith arrows

51) 19 blood runes

52) 75 nature runes

53) Dragon Stone

54) 75 nature runes

55) addy spear

56) 100 rune arrows

57) 600 fire runes

58) 19 blood runes

59) 600 fire runes

60) addy spear

61) uncut sapphire

62) 19 blood runes

63) 75 nature runes

64) rune hatchet

65) ammy of power

66) 500 mith arrows

67) addy spear

68) 20 law runes

69) addy spear

70) addy spear

71) 600 fire runes

72) rune warhammer

73) 75 nature runes

74) 20 wines of zamorak

75) 500 mith arrows

76) 19 blood runes

77) 100 rune arrows

78) 20 law runes

79) 19 blood runes

80) uncut sapphire

81) rune chain

82) 75 nature runes

83) 75 nature runes

84) 75 nature runes

85) 600 fire runes

86) 100 rune arrows

87) addy spear

88) rune chain

89) half key

90) Nothing

91) 100 rune arrows

92) 600 fire runes

93) 30 death runes

94) 600 fire runes

95) 500 mith arrows

96) 75 nature runes

97) 500 mith arrows

98) 600 fire runes

99) 19 blood runes

100) 100 rune arrows

101) half key

102) 19 blood runes

103) half key

104) 20 wines of zamorak

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This is the archived guide - replies and discussion should be made in the original P2P thread http://forum.tip.it/...ic.php?t=312942
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