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I need to make 17M into a santa/green mask


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I don't have 16.9 cash, but i have full guthans and fury+ 2.4M cash








I have 5k p ess, and some other assorted junk, but i need a anta or green mask. Click on my RSN name to see my skills.








I also plan to use the rare to merch and get enough money to rebuy my guthans, and go for a fire cape. So i would like to know what would be the best way.

99 Fletching 99 Attack 99 Constitution 99 Cooking 99 Strength

Gamertag: H8tebringer


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You have some nice skills mate, keep it up. A few ways you could make lots of money are:








- Make and high alch magic longs




- Make nature runes




- Make prayer pots




- My personal favourite, farm rannars




- Cut yews








These are some ways you could make money with your superb skills, hope i helped.

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