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  1. My friend and I put together a nice custom laptop. One big problem we ran into is the complete lack of barebone cases. They also don't come too cheap as the one he got was a 480$ bundle with case/mobo and screen. After that just go with a nice high end mobile i5 quad or something and throw in a small extrenal GPU and you should be set 8GB of Ram etc. etc. I will try and get him to send me the link of the barebone case incase your intrested. But it is very difficult to actually build a Laptop over a desktop. But if you do, make it count lol
  2. Hi, I am currently in the process of picking out my parts to put together a home server for streaming video and files etc. I have a small list of parts and just wondering if anyone would car eto cast any opinions / criticsm on my build as I would love to hear your thoughts. Note: I am building this to be small, semi-cheap and large storage/decent transfer speed. It also will be on for most of the day/ multiple days at a time. For this reason I will most likely be using RAID 5 or 6 just for data protection and drive failures. Here is my working parts list. (also note, no keyboard or monitor. I will be ftp or remote access only and OS install from a bootable usb) Case: Lian-Li Mini-ITX Mobo: AsRock Mini ITX usb3.0 etc. PSU: Silverstone 500W CPU: Intel Celeron Dual Core RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR3 Storage: 3x Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200RPM 1x Seagate Barracuda Green 1TB 5900RPM Cooling and other parts will be determined after core build is decided. So what do you guys think? Again not the most powerful of machines, but it really is only for storage and streaming video. I really have never built a server PC before so any feedback would be appreciated! THANKS!
  3. Yea I was originally iffy on a SSD but after looking more into it they definitely improved on performance and stability, and price thank god lol. But yeah CPU, Mobo and Graphics card are what im trying to figure for my last bit. Also not too sure if I go with the i7 and a different Mobo if my 750W PSU will be enough to power it all on heavy loads.
  4. Okay so i have a slight budget on this particular build and im trying to make a general short coming gaming rig. Now my original Idea was to use the i5 intel Ivy Bridge Processor shown in link below: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16819116504 But then I see the i7 Sandy Bridge, and I am not sure which would better suit the build. Link below is the i7 http://www.newegg.co...N82E16819115070 I've also never been good with picking out mobos, but this: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16813131837 is my current pick for use with the i5, but if anyone has any opinions on which processor or mobo would fit better with the build, I would love to hear any and all opinions with reasoning. Tech Specs of build: 8GB DDR3 Ram 1.5TB HD Storage Drive 120GB SSD 750W Power Supply GPU undecided (between http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814127608 or http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814130593 Im not trying to break benchmarks, but make a lasting system for a mid range gaming rig. Thanks in advance
  5. ... just don't buy useless crap on a game for unreasonable prices...
  6. Is there any specific FC or anything I can use or do I have to actually hop worlds till I find atleast 1 active obelisk?
  7. If it is the "most powerful" then people will have to pay to get the best weapons for bossing etc. it better not be that way
  8. I hate how they state the price of all the items you will get if you stay a member. 45$!! OMG.... -.- its so annoying how everything is about money now
  9. I am also disappointed with the event, the bow looks amazing thou...
  10. Best: Always in edgeville since its close access to almost anything i need Worst: f2p lumbridge/most of f2p
  11. 200 free runecoins didn't show up for me so I won't be getting anything from that shop now. No plans to ever buy anything from that pointless waste of cash. I'd rather buy a nice 20$ xbox game than buy some useless outfit in a dying game. 20$ for gas even sounds better
  12. I can see a few smart merchants buying them all up once they stop being on the wheel and bottlenecking the supply therefore possibly increasing demand and prices, if they keep a good majority from the public marker I could see people buying them 10m+ but that would still require a ton of initial buyers and money to monopolize the market
  13. I was actually going to go to that party but I was too busy working on my own house and just ended up logging off. I remember getting a call from a friend the next morning all excited about what happened. It really is hard to believe that I had already "quit" twice and had came back with a few friends because of that new skill. Seems so dam long I've been in this game
  14. There is always ways to get an acutal localhost IP from a game, probably some 3rd party software most likely but even sql injection and data retrieval could get your ip, and then any DDoS client could be used to just ping the internet out of you. Just change packet size and target your ip and your as good as crashed. A good rule of thub to know is that your "IP addres" is just a dynamicly assigned IP through you ISP, so just actually getting your IP doesnt exactly do anything (Common IPs from Routers are - so going to the CMD and typing in ipconfig /all will not exactly give you any useful information. I'm not exactly how all this could be done, but conceptually sounds about right. Few tips to always remember to ward off future attacks: Proxies/SSH Tunneling Check for open Ports in your Router/Firewall that allow for easier DDoS or Bruteforce Just be safe about giving out information
  15. I feel like it will just be exactly like curly roots lit one fire then continuously add more logs so this actually might be faster than curly roots since you light one fire close to bank. Use-x on it with magic logs, bank and do again... curly roots can burn for an extremely long time it could be very afk and fast xp QBD seems like fun except I will not try until the fps and white screens fix less I lose all my equip to a lag out (happens most times during a farm run )
  16. YEPP Countdown timer is to "see into the future" where runescape has a Sof for every skill and all you do all day is buy more spins and hope to get bigger lamps so you dont have to spend too much RL money to get 99
  17. It might be one of the skin outfits from the loyalty rewards shop? It wounds make sence to corp in no boots thou no clue :S
  18. Ok so I have barely spent any reward points and i only have gotten 1 emote and JoaT and was wondering if greenfingers is worth it and want to clarify what it means when it says crops cannot become diseased. Is that only a passive effect while it is active and then when the aura runs out the next farming tick has the usual disease possibility ? I'm just really not sure what it means.
  19. It should be noted, that with the Squeal wheel you can win extra rolls, which do have a fixed monetary value as appointed by Jagex. Therefore it is currently gambling not only by common sense, but also by the UK law. As long as you can't lose money it's not gambling. Well, technically you can lose money. F2P accounts, in order to get the special rare item that they've just won, have to pay more money in order to acquire it. Not only is that another microtransaction, but it's also a bribe. They don't have to pay more. P2P also had to pay their membership... Sort of they do, since they may be a person who is only playing because runescape was touted as the "best free to play game" but now if they want to earn their item they spun and won they must pay for it. So i guess it could go both ways since they wouldn't have paid for it in the first place anyways. It would just be a slight temptation if a f2p person won something. p2p and buying spins is on a whole different level. Although I HATE HATE HATE this whole microtransaction stupid bull update, I can't agree with anyone saying it is gambling although it may very well seem it. To me and the best of my knowledge, gambling is where you pay money with the knowledge that you may not get it back or receive anything for doing so, only a chance to win something. This is like the lottery or slot machines in casinos etc. However jagex sneakily ALLOWS you to pay for spins, gives you a free spin a day (or 2 for members) and also allows you to buy them. Now the one thing that makes it seem not as gambling is that you always receive something per spin. although it may not be considered equal to you, it is still a trade with a 1:1 payout regardless of value of the item gained. If they ever were faced with legal complications they could simply remove the ability to pay for spins in certain countries for that but still unfortunately their system holds up to that aspect. It could go as to say even in player:player transactions you may trade value where there isn't an equal receiving value which is called "merchanting" by some I guess and that too follows these crude guidelines. Since there is never a chance of not getting anything jagex have effectively saved this horrible update from being considered gambling.....
  20. Wha... how the.... why in the f.... Oh god just make it possible to buy items now jagex might as well since you opened the dam door already. Final bullet in the head of runescape after it was desecrated like Mussolini after WWII....
  21. how can you tell how many vyerwatch you have burned? do you actually have to go to the place where you burn them? (the collambarium or (sp)?
  22. Well thats what i was wondering, since I'm already out of membership, and updated the card details but it didn't charge the updated card yet and was wondering if I cancel it and resubscribe would I lose my gradfathered price? Thats really the only thing I'm kind of worried about since 5$ a month is well worth it over 8$
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