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  1. But, I almost see no members with Bronze - Rune weapons, so it would be pretty useless in P2P... You make a pretty good point, but there are a lot of them that use bronze-rune bolts and arrows, and it could maybe work with dragon items, but definitely not special weapons like barrows.
  2. Very well thought out idea with pictures and everything, the only problem would probably be peoples willingness to do all of that for a 10-25% bonus, if I were you I would either simplify the process or make silky oil tradeable. Also, I don't know if this would be recieved well as a F2P option, maybe if it was something that could only be used in clan wars for F2P or something like that, so we get a taste of it, but not the whole thing.
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me, firemaking may be an almost useless skill, but if you're trying to level it, a place like this would be helpful and I don't see any harm in it, but maybe make the requirements to get in a little more stiff. I support.
  4. I would support different types of weather, as long as it was just a little detail, not a huge thing that would slow the game down, but I don't think too many people would go for the tornadoes, me included, its just another random event to get in your way. Also, with the hotel idea, maybe it heals some health, refills yours stats or something like that.
  5. Nice guide, 8/10, maybe at a little bit more about the pros and cons, and what to mine at what level, but overall great job. :thumbsup:
  6. I agree with you 100%, Bounty Hunter is actually pretty fun until you get piled by a clan of like 10 people, then its just obnoxious. It would be a great idea to have parts of it be single combat only.
  7. Nice guide 10-10, plenty of helpful pictures and pretty much all the info needed. :thumbsup:
  8. So I'm playing the Bounty Hunter game, and I kill a guy, but right after that some guy starts attacking me. I could have just left but I had no food and was using the protect item prayer. So I die, and am completely blindsided when my rune scimitar is missing. So I consult the knowledge base, much more thoroughly then I did before, and I find out that like the paragraph after it tells you the counter has no affect on you if you don't take their items, it says, both counters will cause your protect item prayer to be ineffective. My suggestion: Put a big X or something that at least tells you the prayer won't work instead of just letting you use it and assume it will protect your item. Would that be so hard?
  9. Like it or not, scammers and rulebreakers are too common of a site in Runescape, and whats the way to deal with these rulebreakers, the report abuse button. So I thought, how about a post where people discuss: 1. What to you qualifies as abuse or scamming? 2. How often do you report abuse? 3. Where would you draw the line for who you would report? 4. Do you warn rulebreakers, if so for what rules? 5. Where do you must often see rulebreaking? 6. Any tips for reporting, or in your opion the best way to report. 7. Or any other topic like these. to help people learn about reporting, and the proper way to do it. So post away and I apologize if I am blatently ripping off another post.
  10. You honestly believe that? If you can name a player mod who is low lvled I will go kill myself. And don't say there aren't low lvled dedicated players. I've seen a level 11 but he was a skiller, other than that I know a mod who was level 57 the first time I saw him with his crown, and I saw like a level I want to say 54 mod one time in Lumbridge.
  11. Thats just going to slow down Jagex as they have said multiple times, all incidences of abuse should be reported only once, any more and your just slowing them down.
  12. Just to clarify, would this be something to the effect of everybody splits up and make sure every macro gets reported, or everybody goes to one spot and reports the same macro 25 times?
  13. I've always thought that it wouldn't matter if you reported someone for breaking two rules at once because they would both be included in the snapshot for Jagex to see, and that sending in more than one report for abuse just slows down the system. Although, that is just my intrepretation of what I have read in the knowledge base and I'm not 100% sure that its correct. P.S. D V Devnull, I've always thought that only Player Moderators could join "Ad Busters", is that true?
  14. There were some new editors this week who were just getting the hang of things, I'm almost certain that they will continue to improve.
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