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  1. This idea is awesome in at least 19 different ways. Support.
  2. Overall some good suggestions, but they may indeed make this activity too complicated. Neutral. And you forgot some things I guess: 1. You already get +25 Command points for every turn. (at least at the start of a game) 2. Battle Cry: You should give it another name, there's already a Battle Cry command, which increases health and damage by 200 points. 3. Glorious: The Charge command already doubles movement, but without the damage penalty. 4. Second Wind: The Regenerate command has the same ability, but heals completely instead. I also think the 5 turn cooldown is good. Imagine the opponent used Battle Cry and Charge on their champion every 2 turns, that would make them even more devastating as they are already.
  3. I've already tried ranarr potions, but that's more than 1M loss for 3 levels... <_< I gotta find a *cheap* way to get level 59 Herblore, so I can start WGS. :-# Any advice? Thanks a lot in advance! \:D/
  4. 1.) Good idea! 2.) I think the current one is fine. 3.) I also suggested that, but think about the skillers that trained Agility. :mellow: And even if it didn't raise combat, you would see level 3 players with the abilities of level 99 Defence. IF it were to be a combat skill, it should be optional. And should it depend your combat level massively (like Strength), or slightly (like Prayer)? 4.) Don't really understand this one. :P 5.) Good idea! 6.) That would be too easy. :unsure: One of the IRL skills required in RS combat is clicking/fast responsing. 7.) Sounds good, but the omni-staff... would that mean free runes for ever? :blink: If so, make it lose charges at least. :thumbsup: 8.) I agree partially. F2P should have green dragons in the Wilderness Volcano IMO. I don't agree with the rest though - but maybe the pure essence idea could work at a higher Mining level - what about 60? 9.) I agree, but I doubt Jagex will do that. 10.) Such rocks already exist: concentrated gold/coal deposits. Of course, more ore could be added. :) And as a reward from the Shooting Stars D&D, you can temporarily mine 2 ore per rock. Overall, they're decent ideas. \:D/ Good luck with your topic. ;)
  5. Not supported, some quests stop pures from gaining too much power. (Recipe for Disaster / Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf for example)
  6. However, if Jagex actually made this quest, they would classify it as Grandmaster due to the requirements. I guess you're right.
  7. MUCH better, the last one didn't fit Tip.it tbh. :P
  8. This is a pretty epic idea, but I think that a tithe in cash isn't very plausible. What about a tithe in bones? ;)
  9. The special attack is not even NEAR overpowered compared to AGS/Claws/Dds/G maul. If you get someone below 60 HP, and spec with claws, it is a guaranteed KO, and if not, you can still use the second spec quickly after your first one. And even if it's a guaranteed 30-40+ shot, that is nothing compared to the 2 quick guaranteed 40-50+ hits of the claws.
  10. @ AKASNM, what about making the Barrows set effects manual if you have the boots + gloves + any set? :) @ osiris_1993, they would be untradeable and undegradeable, like the gloves. ;) @ daxter76 & Karvinen, this would be simply 'Master' due to its difficulty. It doesn't matter if a required quest is harder, IMO, and it wouldn't make any players quit. :rolleyes:
  11. I will change some of the requirements/rewards, and also add a new way of getting the bolts. ;)
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