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  1. I'm planning on getting 99 construction but i wonder... i have heard that oak larders are the fastest, but is there another faster way? and is oak really the fastest? an finally, what will be the cost of oak larders to 99, or your method IF you give me a new method, plz say what it will cost too please :) EDIT: ok i've made my calculations Oak Larders: i need to use 204.802 oak planks, that's 25600 larders I need to buy them at a cost of 422 ea, that's 86.4m in total The 25.6k larders, will take me more then 1066 times to unnote planks Teak Larders: i need to use 136.535 teak planks, that's 17067 larders I need to buy them at a cost of 701 ea, that's 95.7m in total The 17k larders, will take me more then 1066 times to unnote planks Maghony Larders: i need to use 87.773 maghony planks, that's 10972 larders I need to buy them at a cost of 1521 ea, that's 133.5m in total The 11k larders, will take me 457 times to unnote planks I don't know about the costs of the butler, does it change the fact to decide between oak and teak? AND, i will use the SC minigame, to only pay half :) so 99 con is going to cost me about 43m if i do it with oaks :)
  2. Thank you so much for this guide! i've been doin alot of aviansies lately but i didn't know how to handle keer'ra or whatever she's called! but now i do! thanks so much!
  3. Pie! Very nice and well thought out! Fully supported! by the time this reaches runescape, i'll have the stats to own dracaros ;) or whatever his name was cba'ed to look for it x'D
  4. Support all the way! i love the quest! and as an almost master ranger, i rly look forward to that dragon crossbow!
  5. I really like this guide and already bookmarked it in Firefox, just as you're summon guide brought me to 70 and will bring me to 80+ This guide is the most in-dept slayer guide i've ever seen, altough i don't agree with some of you're statements. Still great guide and this is definitly going to bring me to 85+ slay! 9/10 \ =D>
  6. First post wewt! I'm definently goin to use this one i'm getting alot of cash atm, so it's goin to be worth it ^^
  7. Well i'm new to merching and i wonder.. i need a program, that notifies me when the GE prices update, so i can look if i have any profit, or i need to dump my merchandice. Is there any program like this? Plz give me the name of the program! Many thanks!
  8. i'm not stupid, i just need to know what trees are the best?
  9. i need some help on getting to 70 farming what do i need to plant i am currently doin toads/ranarrs strawberrys limps 50 farming..
  10. 16 hours atm.... omg!!! i want my guthix chick!!!!! xD
  11. i'm incubating a guthix egg and i wonder how long it takes for it too hatch? sick of waiting =/
  12. First of all, weed is addictive, A friend of mine acts like a 3-year old now cuz he was addicted to weed and stayed in his mood... :thumbdown: Second, Weed makes you fell chill and lazy.. I do'nt think many peeps use it to stay up late.. Then red bull or coffee are better options...
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