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  1. You can carry a million gold coins and still have less weight than a few rocks. Poison will slowly kill you, but there is currently no poison that will kill you with you still able to run around in circles screaming for antidote.
  2. I continue to like your articles. This was a pretty good one. I think Jagex should learn to work with it's fansites, because a lot of times, we have a lot more control over the player-base than the main sites do. For example, If Tip.it requested that everyone have a 'noob' free day, we could have an effect on the actualy gameplay in RS (Maybe...). It think it will help Jagex regain control of the game they seem to be losing control of.
  3. Because they are all people with no love of flowers. They do not respect your true quality in this area. Why does my avatar have a candy cane?
  4. It's a sneaky sneaky guy XD! 6/10
  5. Oh... this is so lame. You want 100 million gold for Honest back? He can just log out as soon as he has to go. Sheesh. Big difference. I really reccomend that you find a better way of getting gold. Of course, if this is an event, i'll happily play. If it's not. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU.
  6. The only thing that saves you from me smashing you to pieces is the 'majority' comment. Erg. I don't noob bash. At least, i don't ever remember doing it. Maybe it's because i played games with a much better community than RS before i started playing it. Nice article though swampjedi. I liked it a lot.
  7. Never read the Dark is Rising, but i can vouch for all those books. In my opinino though... you should go with the Grandmaster of Science Fiction: Issac Asimov and the Foundation series. (All his other books are good too! :XD: )
  8. As someone stated before, the OT forum may not be a place for an issue like this. But, i will give my opinion. You should not have to take responsibility for this, let his family do it, and do NOT feel as if it was your fault. If you feel that bad about it, then... well, i think your family and friends can help you a lot more than lifeless posts over the internet. I'm sorry for you, and if it helps you in any way, i give you my deepest consolations.
  9. IP banning... yeah, it would work, but it would work too well. For example, you ban a Library Computers IP. Now nobody can get on that computer for RS. See what i mean? One of the things i see happening in the community is the lack of respect for everyone else among the majority of the people. If getting them banned will get them out of your face and out of 'your' training area, then so be it. I would be the first to advocate a perma-ban system if they ever found a way to stop that person from evermaking characters again... lets say... after 3-4 banned chars? But unfortunately, it won't happen for a while. As to answer the original question... there is always another side to stories. You can't expect the person who is telling it from the aggrieved side to tell it if the story blames them will you?
  10. Nice article, as always. Just like to point out that i'm a teen. And i don't live via Instant Messaging. In fact... i don't even think i HAVE instant messaging. Let me check... Nope. None. Sorry, i'm just poking holes in an article. Keep writing em, i enjoy reading them.
  11. Just before i was about to make a thread with the same topic! Merry Christmas Tip.it, RuneScape, My Brother... etc. Have fun everyone, and a happy new year.
  12. Nice! :XD: I'm glad the editor gave us this, it was really witty. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all!
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