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Sorceress garden -- spring garden 45 thieving


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Video, Pics, AND wriiten instructions included!!




V 2.5








NOTE: please post what you think of my guide and if you used the video or the written guide!!








Best rating: 7/10








Heres my guide for the Autumn garden.








NOTE:there are 2 ways to use this garden.




1. getting herbs off the bushes will also be included




2. making juices for osman(2350 thieving exp for autumn)








Heres the link, i hope you all enjoy it but if you think it needs some work i will actually work on it i am sorry it took so long for me to get a video for you all but it's only about 2:30 of footage so it should load perfectly.



























if that doesn't work follow the written guide below.








First off get to the garden you need 45 thieveing to get in.








now go in through the gate there will be an elemental going up and down that side go behind a piller next to it once it heads the other way run to the indent on the other side(not the one on the side with the fountain). once here the elemental will pass again run all the way around the corner.















next move into the first little indent on the west wall then the elemental will pass go again to the next one.















wait for the elemental to pass and rune to the other indent across the path.















VERY Confusing part right here.








this is where the 2 elementals cross paths. when they are BOTH SW corner wait for the elemental on the west path to pass you then run around the corner there will be a third elemental going in a box area if you can, run to the little indent if not wait inbetween the walls.















now it is easy.








once in the indent wait till you see the next elemantal once it goes back just go to the next indent once there there are to paths.















Path to herbs








next wait for the elemental to go by follow it till the wall next to the herbs wait for it to go by then turn the corner and you'll get 2 herbs and be teleported out




NOTE: these herbs ARE indentified.








Path to fruits








now that you are in that indent there is another elemental and you can see the tree once the first elemental is passed you run into the wall and the other elemental goes down the other way and run into the tree area and pick the tree you get a fruit!!








NOTE: you need 3 fruits per juice and you get 2,350 Exp(thieving)








Thumbs Up the video was not completely done when posted now it is so hope you enjoy it!!
















NOTE: i actually waited in places you dont have to so skip through em if you like.

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4th time you post the same guide? :roll:


^^ click my sig for my lesser ranging guide ^^

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