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rate 1 outa 10 then give examples its a clan and there owning. the text is clans rock r sonthing then the clan nameu can allso help on the text its for sale too but im not selling until i like the price if i get n e at all clansample.png

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definately your best so far








needs a border




the guys at the back look like theyre holding bits of wood stuck together - cheap 3yr old toys...know what i mean?




maybe give them some hair?




change the direction the arrowtails are pointing - the way you have it looks like the heads are poking out...unless thats what u wanted :?




and finally...do something with the tree...its boring :P

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This is definately the best ive seen from you so far, I think you are really improving. It would be better if the 4 guys in the background were in different stances though. 7.5/10 (ignoring the 4 little guys)




Just a question, whats the green armor? Is it supposed to be dragon hide or is it like a green guilded armor?

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