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  1. Then dont call a clan noob if every member in it owns you... And the clan as a whole owns any clan you have ever been in... Your clearly the noob. I mean a 90+ hp average clan getting called noob by a 69 hp wuss isnt that impressive. 10 million gp says the weakest member of gladz beats you in a dm. What level is the lowest guy in Gladz? 103? 20 level advantage? Ya, im pretty sure hes going to beat me. 10 Million gp says that the weakest member in di could clean your clock. I'm also sure Gladz highests levels can fry you like a chicken.
  2. Why most of your posts flame my clan. How about I beat you up.
  3. It's obvious that's what you tell your clan after they run and log from DI Nice mouth running but nothing to back it up :) They always do that, so we just figured we should just let em keep saying it, and we'll ignore it, caus 100% of the time, they have nothing to back it up :o Apples.
  4. Rofl never expected that this is still going on.
  5. we are not all like u...
  6. well i put the truth in my sig but that doesnt matter , does anyone know the code? cuz i dont understand it
  7. could u give me the code?
  8. http://img15.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img15&im ... sig0iq.png anyone know where i could upload this kind?
  9. well it changes to jpg , and first it worked perfect but now i cant put up sigs i bought for 200k
  10. sorry i dont understand what u mean :?:
  11. but if i upload a sig it doesnt work for me :(
  12. well imageshack sucks now or something i dunno but i cant upload my sigs there anymore , anyone know something better?
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