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  1. was nice, i had fun but i disconnected. thanks legendz :thumbsup:
  2. thanks Lethality, flamers will be dealt with.
  3. 1. Corr 2. DF 3. DI 4. EH 5. RSD 6. EOS 7. VR 8. TRWF 9. RR 10. "THE"
  4. Well 3 years ago this forum was more popular than rsc :cry: as time went by i guess you guys went downhill for the center for clans huh? Well its not long before theres a new one, rsc keeps shutting their forums down. Btw what happened to the top 20 list with like 100's of pages? and why do i only got 160 post and not 1k like i used to :wink: Anyways hmm things changed, these used to be my favorite forums but now seems empty. hope you can rebuild on the clan part, and btw if this is considered spam. :-s then i guess im introuble
  5. Clan name: Dark Knights United Clan website: http://s13.invisionfree.com/Dku/index.php? Clan leaders: Gohan3333330, Auron 14, Fire Sk8er, The Renn Man F2p clan cape: yellow P2p clan cape: yellow Number of Members: 110 + Average hitpoint and combat level: 80 avg hp 97 avg cmbt Type of clan (skill or pk): pk Recent War Record(3): won or loss, date if avalible, and who was the war aggainst Dku vs La Winner - LA Dku vs TDS winner - TDS Dku vs THOR winner - DKU Dku vs tcc winner - DKU
  6. i like di better than ds for following reasons: blue > red di name > ds name and ds flame too much AND DS is like really dumb -.- what did you get out of the war if u returned so much for 5 hours then just left? rofl lol. i woulda looted a whole inv of rune pl8's and ran for it, [bleep] ya'll
  7. what do you mean :cry: anyways, what the hell happened here on tip it? this used to be an active place. Did that Keylogger crap really get to people? :lol: Thats so funny. Oh well i guess :roll: Im still going to show off my clan here 8)
  8. We died in January 2005. But i decided to remake it. August 10th/05 Im still working on getting ex-dku members back to DKU. So far ive only gotten about 25 ex-dku back, and the rest are newcomers true, i wont argue, but i can still make a new name for it. It will pretty much be the same, but this time we wont die. I wont let it die this time. :) DI - biga RSD - livin SA - mass recruiting THE - the word "the" BK - i dont know anymore JAGZ - guitar1 FEAR - i think phobia is stronger MORI - hi LF - the country Lithuania TITANS - the movie remember the titans 8) TDL - trunx TDS - old clan TR - ghaleon LA - -.- THOR - lord of the rings GLADZ - russel crowe BD - tallon911 BOFT - fultimikila AS - saula EOS - xwifebeaterx FBZ - poultrychamp DF - TRWF - denpos1 CORR - GA EXCER - GA ANARCHY - :arrow: DKU - well everytime i hear it i just think of why i let it die. if everything was going good. then i think i should have reborned in earlier. then i think i should get 110 combat. then i think im dumb for letting it die :oops:
  9. whats the first thing you think about when u hear these names: ( i havent seen one of these in like 1 year so i just wanna remake 1 :oops: ) DI - RSD - SA - THE - BK - JAGZ - FEAR - MORI - LF - TITANS - TDL - TDS - TR - LA - THOR - GLADZ - BD - BOFT - AS - EOS - FBZ - DF - TRWF - CORR - EXCER - ANARCHY - DKU - sorry if i forgot any clans, so feel free to add them :arrow: dont flame me plz im a noob :oops:
  10. golf67 is a ex dku member, some of it i agree golf :lol:
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