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  1. I recently returned to RS and decided I wanted to make a clan with non of the strenuous standards of an average war clan. Looking for people prefer over 105 f2p but exceptions can be made. I have one other friend I will be doing this with so we are looking for 3 more founders. If you interested post here and ill contact you and add Hirashu ingame.
  2. Ill bring some of my boys/girls from BK to help Tip.It to victory this year =)
  3. Same place i am now, Only thing ive really gained in RS or that would take awayfrom RL is some good friends ive made over the years.
  4. Understandable, the players who have been around for years and years are gonna have a better opinion on runescape based descisions then the player who made there account off mini clip 2 months ago.
  5. Apprently lord just got jealous =x
  6. Gratz on ur win gladz 8)
  7. Good Fight,and do not turn this into a flame Di thread or it will be closed.
  8. GF,and lets not see any flameing so this will stay open :wink:
  9. This thread to be used for Tip.It clan Lists only,the info was given for Tip.It and is not to be used on any other Sites. Instructions Please copy and paste the below form into your reply. We will update this once per full page of replies, so if you want your info changed edit your original post dont make a new one. If your clan leader or designated representative changes, please PM Bufoman Only 1 post per clan. Additional Rules 1.No Pictures 2.No Offensive Clan Names Clan name: Clan website: Clan leaders: F2p clan cape: P2p clan cape: Number of Members: Average hitpoint and combat level: Type of clan (skill or pk): Recent War Record(3): won or loss, date if avalible, and who was the war aggainst Example # 3rd World *-P.K.Masters-* A. Abolitiion Abyssal Guardians Abyssal Warriors Acid Pain Age of Rune Alliance Of Hate The Altar of Runescape The Allegiance Ancients Ancient Myths Angels of Death Annihilation Corp. ANZACS The Apocalyptic Arch Enemy Ardougne Arrow Dogers The Army of Mordor Armageddon Assasins Creed Awakening Anonymity B The Balance Barrows Brothers Clan Black Assasins The Black Demons The Black Dragon Knights Black Dragons Black Hand Blackout Black Warriors The Black Wolves Blood Clan Bloodlust Bameria Boombers The Blood Beserkers Born From Death Brain Dead RuneScapers Clan Brotherhood of Saradomin Brothor (Brethern of the Holy Order) C Call To Darkness Castle Destroyers United Certified Public Assasins Chaos Dragons The Chaos Theory Chaos Warriors Children of Zamorak Chosen Ones Clan Chaos Clan Double Helix Clan Europe Clan Eldest Clan Forbidden Clan Kalphite Clan Regeneration Clan Revengae The Cold Knights The Cold Killers Collision Conviction The Confederacy of Rune's Elite Corrupt Kings Cosmic Vengeance Court Of Dragons CrazyBerserking Crimson Dragon Riders Crimson Flames Clan Crimson Raiders Cross God Killers Cryptic Warriors Crypt of Death Cunix Warriors D Damage Pures The Dark Alliance The Dark Angels Dark Army of Hell Dark Blades Darkblood The Dark Dominion Dark Knights United Dark Masters The Dark Shadow Warriors Dark Slayers Darkness Dragons Dark Dynasty Daybreakers D GenerationX Deadly Assassins Death and Glory Death Before Dishonor Death Dragons The Death Monkeighs The Defiance The Demented The Demolition The Demonic Elite Demonic Empire The Demonic Plague The Demons of Runescape & Junior Clan Demons from the Deep The Destroyers Dharok's Disciples Divine Assassins Divine Hybrids Divinitus Domination Double Vision The Drag0n Guardianz The Dragon Devils Dragon Overlords The Dragon Warriors The Dragon Templars The Dragonz The Dutch Clan Dynasty of Virtue E Echo of Silence Ecko The Elite Elite Hierarchy Eliet Intervention Elite Pures Elites of Runescape The Empire Escape to Runescape Eternal Darkness Eternal Shadows Eternity Evolution Exercitum Militus of Honorum The Extermination F Fallen Angels Fatal Impact Fatality Fat Tony's Mafia Final Vengeance Finnish Army Fishers of Runescape Followers of Destruction The Followerz of Guthix Followers of Zamorak The Forgotten The Forgotten Allies The Forks Foul Play The Freedom Fighters Frost Legion G Gaia Circle Genesis The Ghosts The Gladiatorz Glowing Warriors Godz of War Golden Legion Golden Sun Gradz4life The Green Berets Guthix Gangsters H Hammerfall The Happy Clan Havoc Clan Hells New Revenge Hells Defender Heroes of the Future Hidden Shadows Higher Force Holy Conspiracy Holy Monks Holy Trinity Kingdom Hopeless Horde of Genocide Hung Clan I The ICE Clan Ice Knights The Immortal Outlawz Immortal Pures Imperial Sanctuary Infection The Invincibles The Iron Throne Guilde J JeM Judgement of Guthix The Justice Knights K Keepers of Forgotten Honour The Killers of Chaos Knight of the Red Dragon The Knights of Fire Knights of Legend Knights of Oblivion Knights of Revenge Knights of the Relm Knights of Sadonia Knights of the Varden Knights Peril L The Last Survivors The Lavadragons Legendary Dragons Legendary Knights Legends of the Underground Legion of Fighters The Legion of Lost Souls Lemmings Lithuanian Forces The Lords of Runescape Lords of the Wildy The Lords of Zamorak Lost Lost Knights The Lost Legends The Lost Souls Of Kandarin M M3tier Cor7ex Majestic Warriors Mass Destruction Mass Mayhem Masters of Cerberus Masters of Dragons Masters of the Sword The Marauders The Medieval Clan of Elders Mercenaries of Chaos Midknite The Mighty Red Dragons The Militia Militos Deci Mortal Knights Myriad The Mysterious Goth Clan Mystic Legends N Night Hawks The Nobodys Nosferati Pures The Notorius No Surrender O The Official Global Runescape Clan The Official RuneHQ Clan Oppression Fighters Order of Mayhem The Order of the Cabbage Order of Veneficis Organized Chaos Organized Crime The Others Owning Weak Noobs P Pain Redefined The Paladins of Guthix Panic Pinoy Pride Klan PK Dragons The PK-Killers PKers Of Death Pkers Incorperated PK-Unit The Plague P00ning 24/7 Poseidon Praetorians Pride of Morton Project Eden P.U.N.K. Pure Ambition Pure N00bs Purple Flame Q R The Rage Realm of the Crusading Knights Realm of Zamorak ReBirth Red Devil Clan Redbladehunters Red Legion The Reinforce Clan The Remembered Alliance Rookies Of Camelot Royal Pures The Royalty Runeballers Runited Scapes RuneMasons The RuneScape Annihilators Runescape Assasins Runescape Crusaders RuneScape Guardians The Runescape Mob Runescape's Army RuneScape Scorpions RuneScape United Runescape Vendetta Ruthless S The Sabres Sacred Carnage Sacred Templars Sacred Warriors Saradomin's Dragons Sardomin's Slayers Scarlet Empire School of the Crazed Screaming Eagles Scum Serenity The Shadows of Guthix Shadow Elites The Shadow Elves The Shadow Knights Shadow Legions Shadowz The Skeleton Clan Silent Assasins Silent Stab The slayer's Lair Slayers of the Night Sleep Walkers Solar Angels Soldiers of Anarchy Sorrow of Knight SoulRipperz Stabber's Society Stealth Warriors Street Dragons The Syndicate The Synergy The Synergizers Clan T Tantalus Team Bloody Templar Guardians Templar Knights of Europe TempusVortex Clan Tension Thunder Tribal Fury Triple Threat U UK Wolf Pack The Underground Legends The Unexpected Unholy Prophecy United Armed Forces V Valiance Valor Vanguard Vengeance Village Idiots Virtual Infection THE VOID W Warhead White Magic White Shadows Wilderness Dragons WildDogs Wolf Dragons X Xtra_Inc Xtr3m3 M4yh3m Y Z The Zamorakian Order The Zamorakians Zdzira Listed below are some of the more frequently requested clan sites that are NOT in the directory already. Clicking on the name will bring you directly to the site, not to a topic on Tip It. [*:1wztxliv] Affliction [*:1wztxliv] Anarchy [*:1wztxliv] Awaken [*:1wztxliv] Blacknights [*:1wztxliv] Black Dragons [*:1wztxliv] Corruption [*:1wztxliv] Chivalry of Legends [*:1wztxliv] Demonic Empire [*:1wztxliv] Echos of Silence [*:1wztxliv] Followers of Malkav [*:1wztxliv] Gladiatorz [*:1wztxliv] The Moriquendi [*:1wztxliv] Mystic Knights [*:1wztxliv] Order of Cabbage [*:1wztxliv] RuneScape Dinasty [*:1wztxliv] The Runescape Warhungers Federation [*:1wztxliv] Rune Raiders [*:1wztxliv] The Dynasty [*:1wztxliv] 'THE' Clan [*:1wztxliv] 'THE' Futures [*:1wztxliv] Wilderness Guardians
  10. I like the seperation of item bins alot....would help me so much :D
  11. There isnt races on runescape =x
  12. Idk it would be intresting to see it happen.
  13. Every mime i got i was training at Ice Warrios on f2p :D
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