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Hi guys, my hallmate, Robbie Hazen, is in this music contest and can really use some help!








http://famecast.net/contest/stage.php?s ... ist_id=910











I don't know if you guys know, but I am entered into a contest at




http://www.famecast.net and have made it to the top 25. There are two more rounds (top




10, then top 5) at which point the top 5 finalists will be flown out to Austin




to perform for industry professionals and have a chance at winning cash prizes.








I really need your help for these next two rounds. The voting for the top 10




started today (Monday) and ends at the end of this week, so I need to rally a




TON of votes very quickly. There are very few steps involved and it's quite




easy to do:








1) go to famecast.net




2) register your email and username




3) Search "Robbie Hazen" and view my profile




4) click on the "Specify the Contradiction" video




5) click "vote for my video"




6) add a good comment about me (if you're so inclined)












it's really that simple -- it takes a few minutes, but it's SO important that




the guys in O'Neill vote.



































Robbie Hazen ( http://www.robbiehazen.com ) is my hallmate (right across the door). He's a aspiring and talented artist and a nice person. Frequently, I will simply have my roomate wide-open so I can listen to him rehearse.








Now that he's participating in this internet music contest, i can't help myself but find ways to assist him in my realm. :)








So please, visit famecast.com, listen to robbie hazen and vote for him!

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