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Death By Chocolate... now including Nudity!

Posted by Dragonkng198, 08 July 2013 · 2,187 views

As a bit of back story, the Tip.It Crewbie Newbie known as Salleh came to stay with me for a week, and during this time... we created Death By Chocolate.

It started out innocently enough, she wanted to bake with me as I love cooking, and she wanted to try something new, so we made some Brownies from a pre-bought mix one day. They weren't bad, but they weren't special, and you barely got any in the pack.

We went back to ASDA in the hopes of finding some inspiration on what to make. Those that know me know of my tendency to be over-the-top, so when we found some chocolate fudge icing in a tub that tasted lovely... I had a vision.
When we got back, we made a test sponge from mix we made ourselves. Basic recipe being 1 egg = 50g of sugar, 50g of flour, and 50g of butter.

While I don't have many shots of us cooking this one (I didn't think to take pictures), these are a couple I managed to get:

Sally and I with the Cake

Presentation Slice of the Cake!

It was beautiful, the sponge was perfect, and the butter-cream on the top (a simple mix of butter and icing sugar), and some white chocolate chips baked into the sponge, it tasted amazing.

Of course, I wasn't satisfied. It was beautiful, yes, but it was only the test project for Death By Chocolate, so we started work.

I was very professional the entire time

A large amount of cake mix!

Half of the Cake, baked with glace cherries, white and milk chocolate chips

I watch intently as Sally mixes happily away

Did anyone ask for more butter-cream, and this time, CHOCOLATE?!

Slather that butter-cream on girl, treat it real nice..

The Finished Result - Death By Chocolate

A solo shot of the beautiful and crazy Salleh

We used 12 eggs, at least 600 grams of sugar and flour, and a lot more butter, icing sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, chocolate sprinkles, white and milk chocolate chips, and glace cherries. While it was probably expensive as hell, it was worth it to spend time with my best friend, doing what I love doing <3:

wtf her shirt changes halfway how long did it take you to bake

also who's taking all da pics
Sounds like fun :) Now you made me want some cake...
We did part of it the next day, we were cooking nearly straight from 3pm to about 11pm :P

I got my sister to take the pictures ;)

Thanks ladies :)

wtf her shirt changes halfway how long did it take you to bake

also who's taking all da pics

What Jason said, plus it was so hot I almost died from overheating :D
I was promised nudity...I am disappoint. But the cake looks awesome! :thumbsup:

The smile's still creepy though. :P
Ha, "nudity" drew me in, too. But baking is epic win anyways.

My woman does most of the baking, too. (Cimmorene, if anyone could possibly remember her when she played and was semi-active here.) I do more of the cooking.

I was promised nudity...I am disappoint. But the cake looks awesome! :thumbsup:

I believe the cake is naked in at least one of the images.
There was an image of me topless in there, but I'm afraid it had to be removed due to it being against Tip.It rules :twisted:

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