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Local player discovers it's actually spelled "Ectofuntus"

Posted by Troacctid, in Runescape, Humor 13 September 2011 · 1,596 views

runescape humor news
Bradley McKinley, 16, was shocked today when he learned that the name of the glowing green power source of Port Phasmatys, best-known as the location of the Ectophial teleport, is actually spelled "E-C-T-O-F-U-N-T-U-S".

"Yeah, I was looking at the world map today and I realized I'd been spelling it wrong for two years," said McKinley. "It's weird, cuz I always thought it was, like, a fungus thingy, right? Cuz fungus thingies are gross and slimy and grow on dead things. So I just assumed it was called the 'Ecto-fungus'. But it turns out there's no 'G' in it at all."

"This is even more surprising than when I learned that 'Karamja' doesn't rhyme with 'Pajama'," he added. "And did you know the 's' in RuneScape is actually supposed to be capitalized? I know, right!"

This report has been brought to you by KLAPS, the Kuradalai Lama Association for Proper Spelling. Kuradalai Lama: She's here to kick ass and free Tibet, and she's all out of Tibet.

Pretty random, but funny nonetheless. I like the Kuradalai Lama reference at the end :thumbsup:
Ectofungus > Ectofuntus. I called it that for years, consciously for the past 15 months or so.
It seems on this computer your side bar is a center bar and I cannot see what I'm typing at the moment lol
Any idea how I can fix this??
I always thought it was Ectofunctus

I always thought it was Ectofunctus

Same here. Seems like such a weird word now.

It seems on this computer your side bar is a center bar and I cannot see what I'm typing at the moment lolAny idea how I can fix this??

Maybe it works with a different skin? Try changing the skin and see what happens.
I'll be honest, when I found out it was "Ectofuntus" I submitted a bug report to Jagex telling them they had the name mis-spelled on the world map.

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