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Still on my way to 70+

Posted by IamTardis, 14 May 2012 · 925 views

Since my last post I didn't do any difficult quests. No amazing adventures to tell about. Instead, I have been grinding away at one of my longer-term goals: getting all skills 70+. Part of this is slayer-assignment-avoidance, since I've been tasked with Iron Dragons. Anyway, some time ago I managed to earn some good money with all that double-rune-morytania-legs-stuff down at the Barrows, so I bought myself some oak planks, moved my poh to Taverly and started making oak larders to level construction to 70. I got 78 attack before, and then I discovered that 70 construction was the only thing I needed to complete The Void Stares Back. So I made larders. And more larders. And more larders even. I am very thankful for my HYT friend chat, it would have been ever so boring without my HYT buddies. When I got 70 construction, I could not stand to see another larder. But hey, I got 70 construction! Another step closer to wearing that beautiful pinkish 70-cape.

And now that I only need to get 70 farming, 70 hunter and 70 dungeoneering I am dumping all my lamps, pengy points and troll invasion points into those skills. Farming first, because that one I kind of dislike the most. Both hunter and dungeoneering I don't really like to level. Hunter because I find it boring and dungeoneering because I feel hopelessly lost in a team. So this weekend's Runespan double points is a nice excuse to take a break from levelling both skills. I started at level 72 friday, I am now 76 and expect to get 77 tonight (hi bloods!). And in world 99 I run into my hyt buddies every now and then in the runespan. I am even thinking of camping the runespan until I get level 80 and I can wear that wicked top. That would be ever so awesome.

And aside from alll that I secretly am watching vids on the bosses of the quests I still have to do. I discovered last week that I have the levels for Love Story, Blood Runs Deep, While Guthix Sleeps and Ritual of the Majharrat (however you spell that). And Nomad's requiem. Those bosses seem tough to me. Those quests will be a grand adventure!

Maybe those Iron Dragons are a better idea.
But I do want that Korasi Sword...

Sounds like you're making good progress to that lovely pink cape. Good luck. :thumbup:

The HYT chat has saved me from many a boring stretch of training as well. It's wonderful fun, isn't it. :grin:
Lots of good progress. I always found it enjoyable to mix things up. Sadness over dislike of farming (that's one of my favorite skills, although it is very slow!)

Without the Korasi's sword iron dragons are a pain, but once you have a decent 1h stab weapon they are very fun :) I suggest going for quests though as they are enjoyable :) Good luck!

HYT is always good times.
Chatting with friends does get rid of the grind. Too bad I hardly enjoy my clan chat -_-

But good luck with 70+ skills. And congrats on the 70 constrution.
Kyatt familiar's special is supposed to be great against tough quest bosses. I've never gotten it to work, but you might wanna give it a try. Good luck!

Btw, I've got WGS & RotM done but not Nomad or BRD. I'm sure you can get WGS done at least, the boost the quest gives you almost makes it a breeze.

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