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Destination: Cloud Nine & Why I Love You Guys

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Hello dear blog readers! What can I say? Im on cloud nine! Not only am I nearing 93 smithing but several other delights just happened to walk by my way.


Those of you who read my last entry may remember I posted a video on my musings regarding the strange power. I was more than happy with the few hundred views it got and ran off down to the caverns to get back to mining up some gold for smelting.


A few friends who saw the vid pmed me and encouraged me to tweet it to Jagex. I didnt think much of it but went ahead and tweeted this ominous phrase to them:


@OfficialJagex I think Ive unlocked the secret to the strange power http://[Censored - Don't use a URL shortner]/cYTxEa


A day or so went by and I laughed at some of the comments, chatted with friends, and gave my cat her twice hourly massages. Before heading to bed I read up on the Orb of Oculus oncemore and dreamed of future videos with amazing camera angles and close-ups.


I woke up the next morning and continued about my normal routine. Morning slipped into afternoon and I rolled by some of the chats I normally visit. Immediately I was informed that the crazy folks at JagexACTUALLY RETWEETED MY TWEET!


I was flabbergasted! Immediately I opened up a tab and loaded YouTubemy eyes literally widen to see the damage O.O. While Im certainly no Excl of videomakers nor do I expect any sort of mass stardom to ever happen to meits nice to even have over 5 people interested in the videos that I make XD!


One thing that I must say though, is how much you people out there really rock. Any endeavor Ive taken regarding RuneScape has always been so well received. I never expected 2.5 years ago when I signed up to play this game that Id be making so many friends along the way! While my MMO repertoire is a small oneout of the few that Ive tried, I can certainly say RS has the nicest community out of all of them.

So as I have done in entries beforeoncemore Id like to saythank you guys.


Pics of Insanity!


[hide=Jagex Tweet]jagextweet.png[/hide]

[hide='YouTube Search - runescape strange power]strangepowerfirstresult.png[/hide]

[hide=Google Search - runescape strange power]rsstrangepowergoogle.png[/hide]

[hide=YouTube Honors ^_^]strangepowerhonors.png[/hide]

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I really enjoyed the video, it is the answer! Zomg watch out my dear Shahdie, your becoming 'famuz!'

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Congrats on that, never had any of my videos tweeted by Jagex (mainly because I made them before Twitter :P) but my videos have had similar awards too, it's an awesome feeling :).

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Very nice! :thumbsup:.


I see that Australia is a shading of green there... very nice by me :XD:.


Awesome retweet as well. Hopefully you'll make some more vids, 'cause you have talent :D.

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