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People are strange




People in general can sometimes really make me chuckle.


I was driving up to work today. As I entered the highway I ended up behind a uniformed police car. No problem, I'm generally a "nice" driver, and pretty much never go over the speedlimit anyway (and, yes. I have checked my speedometer against 3-4 speed checkpoints and a GPS). Anyway. As I don't go over the speedlimit I always tend to get passed by cars in the left lane. Fine by me. I'm never in that much of a hurry and I prefer to spend my money on travels, books, eating out etc rather than speeding tickets. However, when people (and, it seems, Norwegians in particular) see a police car they are gripped by this collective, existential angst! I saw car after car come in the left lane, drive beside me and seeing the police car. BAM! On with brakes, and promptly get the car over into the right hand lane (aka straight in front of me). This happened with every single car! In the end there weren't any more room in front of me, so it ended with both lanes going bumper to bumper at approximately 70-75km/h (the speed limit there is 80, my speedometer showed around 77-78 and it's off by around 10%). People are in general weird. :D



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I'm just like you. I live in Southern California, and people here are absolutely TERRIFIED of police officers. I, however, never flinch or change the way I drive just because a police officer is around. It's really quite funny.

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Police presence really does more harm than good in these cases >_> People forget the effect just having a cop around has.

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