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  1. Hey, hi, sorry. Can I be here if one of my middle names is goon? Thanks, sorry, thanks.
  2. Ember


    Honestly, better than expected. It's been a crazy ride, but I learned to enjoy life somewhere along the way.
  3. Ember


    Holy hell, you're still kicking? I mean, not that I'm complaining. 😅 How goes?
  4. Ember


    That whole culture thing sounds a bit social for my liking. I lived with a woman who absolutely loved RHPS. She was shocked that I hadn't heard of it and insisted that we see it, but I was pretty indifferent. Wife knows some of the songs from band, so that's cool.
  5. Ember


    Wow, cool. I was raised by straight parents and never really exposed to it, so it's a little weird to think there's a whole culture out there that is ostensibly mine, but to which I feel no connection.
  6. Ember


    There's a gay culture?
  7. Ember


    Sounds traumatic, sorry you went through that. Did you have a point?
  8. Ember


    Shooting at someone is generally considered application of deadly force. Doing so without justification, which trespass isn't in most (any?) of the US, is an incredibly bad idea for anyone who isn't on the wrong side of the #thinblueline. "Warning shots" are universally a bad idea for basically that reason. By the time there's enough of a threat for the prosecutor to not tear you apart for it, there's enough of a threat to warrant actually putting holes in the threat. Shooting is a perishable skill; you can't just get 99 and chill. I doubt you'd hit much of anything at a decent distance if you haven't developed and maintained the skill.
  9. Ember


    Yeah, that's a big WTF... especially coming from law enforcement or former law enforcement who absolutely should know better. Sorry you had that experience, Tes; it's unfortunately somewhat common, and I can't wrap my head around why. Even with people who were actually interested, we get so many students who were set up by SOs, friends, or family with an unnecessarily harsh gun and no decent instruction. I always want to go yell at these guys that this isn't how you share a hobby with people, but I doubt they're the sort who would care. Never mind pressuring someone who doesn't want to...
  10. Ember


    I called my insurance plan administrator to see if a different concentration of one of my medications they've been covering would be cheaper, and their response was that it shouldn't be covered regardless of concentration. When I asked why, they gave me an exclusion number and told me to see my plan document, but wouldn't tell me why beyond that. So that's fun. Now I get to see if I can find a copy of that or have HR get me one, although I have my suspicions.
  11. Ember


    It's amazing what being able to picture having a future will do for you.
  12. Ember


    Happy birthday :D
  13. Ember


    You might have to wait for a 3000, but there's a '93 or '94 Ford Ranger sitting here with a broken air conditioner, no door latch on the driver's side (held shut with a padlocked hasp installed on the outside), and windows that won't open. It can get pretty hot.
  14. Ember


    We're back!
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