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  1. I played WoW for awhile and I didn't see any bots... You probably weren't looking hard enough.
  2. Drumgun is still my boi. One of these days he'll finally 120 dung then officially have his hat in that race.
  3. I've been more staggered by how many 200ms there are now, especially with dungeoning. When long-time frenemy Greatest 200m'd dung, I was expecting he'd be like top50 but he didn't even make top100 =x
  4. Damn, Drumgun never gets any love =x You'd think he'd start getting a little of the recognition that Gert did, considering he's had the most 200ms three times in a row now.
  5. If you're going to slay or do whatever, at least get 70 attack first for a whip or sara sword. Probably not worth slaying without them (and a defender with whip). Also remember to use tears of guthix, pengs, etc, to level dungeoning since you'll eventually want a chaotic rapier.
  6. If you have a fighter torso, then fury. Otherwise you're probably better off with a BCP unless you use pros to slay.
  7. Yet there are far more with 200ms, iirc. Frankly, the only reason we don't have a few thousand maxed players is because we have a 120 skill atm... Because I'm really down to 1 skill that isn't maxed, dungeoning, and I'd like to do something else for levels. Again, it's great to have targets to shoot for... Certainly more interesting than people just ranking on exp.
  8. Honestly, even if you 99 you'll feel like training half the skills after anyway so it's not like there's any hurry. However, at the same time, I've found that I enjoyed skills a lot more after 99'ing them, such as slaying >_>
  9. YES! It's long overdue, especially given all the 100+ obstacles in dung. Quite frankly, 99s are incredibly fast & easy to get now so they've kinda lost their value. It's much nicer when you have things to stride for. All content ultimately leads to grinding >_> Only exceptions are minigames, which aren't as popular as main content (except for minigame skill dungeoneering, but only because that's a skill)
  10. What was your previous RuneScape name that you are listed under on the highscores?: Doctor Doom What is your current RuneScape display name?: Cap Marvel What Tip.it highscore list(s) are you currently added to?: P2P Meh, sorry about all this. Was Doctor Doom then switched to Darkseid. Was meaning to go back to Doctor Doom, but instead opted for Cap Marvel for a month.... and then my friend grabbed Doctor Doom for an alt so I can't go back to that name period. I'll probably be Captain Marvel for a long time unless I can get the name of a really cool Batman villain or a Greek god. Currently 2465 ST, 655m overall exp.
  11. The big problem that's plagued Jagex has generally been a lack of real design staff. The brothers Gower are programmers and much of the games' foundation comes more from a technical than a thematic level approach. And although the company has made massive strides over the years in terms of revamps, it's plagued by early design decisions and a tendency to make the same mistakes due to a seeming ignorance regarding the nature of gaming. In addition, the business end has always been a little spotty. Jagex has been slow to take cross-marketing opportunities and to merchandise themselves. The core leadership of the company traditionally had a non-business background so the company seemed to flounder at times, but they've hired at least seemingly competent people and the Gowers have presumably stepped back a little. Plus Jagex seems to drop radical revamps on us at times without much warning.
  12. i have a feeling if they did jagex would raise the cap to keep the top players playing (because there will be 1 who will get there first and about 100 players that are following closely behind, at least thats how it normally works) I doubt that, considering there are dozens of players with 200m in one skill or another (except a few slower skills), many of whom have had it for years, and yet Jagex has stuck to a 200m cap. Honestly, I'd be a little annoyed if they did raise the cap considering the other reason I bothered with a 200m was to have a rank that I wouldn't have to maintain.
  13. I honestly don't think SUOMI is in that strong of a position. Sure, he's 200M agility, but his only other 200Ms are fletching and fishing. He's really not that far along at all. Drummy, on the other hand, is a much stronger contender even if he's doing things a little backwards. The fact that he's got some melees done but not slaying doesn't really mean anything, considering he can just SW for slaying exp anyway (hopefully while finishing up str exp there). Drum's got six 200ms out of the way, even if some aren't impressive skills, which best as I recall puts him further ahead in the race than anybody else. The guy is disciplined and he puts in around 20 hours a day. I don't know what to think about Zarfot. He's only done buyables at this point, mostly stuff with high hourly exps.
  14. Although I think it's more of a mini-game, I've never seen the comparison to stealing creation. At all >_< SC is a skills-oriented PVP collection mini-game, while dung is combat-based PVE co-op. The basic premises honestly couldn't be more different. Plus it's not like there aren't precedents for absurdly self-contained skills that offer credit towards rewards, slaying being a prime example >_> You could easily argue that slaying is nothing more than a monster-hunting mini-game since the exp gain is regulated / limited, you get point-credits by task for unlocks/items/extra exp, and it also doesn't offer much in terms of unlocks. In fact, slaying's biggest content unlocks are the ability to fight monsters who have limited appeal out of slaying tasks and some that can only be fought while slaying.
  15. Right, so by not playing the game you have a better awareness than people who play it.
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