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Demoliboy2's Top 10 favourite quests

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Demoliboy2's Top 10 Favourite quests



You see, i love questing. That is why i got members. That is why i train skills. Heck, sometimes that's why i hang to runescape one more month so i can see wich quest is coming.


That said, quest are awesome. Sme (most) are comical, ingenious and original. Some are serious. An odd couple is hard. In either way or another, quests are here to stay, and I'm writing to give hommage to my 10 favourite quests, the ones that have been marked in my memory and hopefully will be surpassed.


I will not rate the quests or make small additions, only true genuine quest that are here to stay, and are considered an hallmark for RS to me.


Let's get started shall we?





Number 10: Legend's Quest



Haw haw, no better way to start a top 10 quest list then talking about our dear Legend's.


This quest was the 50th quest to be released in RS, the last one to be released in classic i think! The good thing is unlike it's predecessor, Heroe's quest, this one managed to stand to the test of time. The charachters are memorable, the locals inspiring (fire octogon anyone?) and it all end with you reading the very own pole you got as proof of your actions. This is where the quests shines:


The totem reads "Heroes are Remembered, Legends never die".


THIS is a reward in itself. It made me progress in the game so i could keep proving the npc's I AM and i will always BE a legend. To be reassured as one of RS legends, Legend's quest made you work to be one, and shame on you if you used a guide because using that very guide took you part of the sense of accomplishment you would never forget.


Legend's, thanks for letting us now what we really are: Immortal Legends.



Number 9- Nomad's Requiem



Being the second Grandmaster quest to be released in RS carried a great responsability, since it's predecessor was one of the best examples of how a quest should be pulled of.


Contrarily to the other GM quest, Nomad's Requiem was short. VERY short. I've completed intermediate quests that were longer than it (One Small Favour anyone?).


But it wasnt on the plot or the legth this quest primed, it was on the fun factor. Nomad is an absolute BEAST. he doesnt need special shields like corporeal beast or is immune to certain styles like Dagganoth mother. He was a warrior trained to horrify extremes. That said, he was a great fight.


Contrary to most bosses in RS, where you just flick a prayer and wait for the job to be done, with a hiccup or 2, Nomad made you work for it. He had several attack patters, avoidable attacks, was imune to poison, couldnt be safespotted and had an attack that would guarantee you a death if you were not in your prime health.


It was one of the best boss fights ever divised and certainly the hardest, and thanks to that, he's number 9. Now if zimberfizz could sell us those bottled souls...



Number 8- My Arm's Big Adventure



I'm a sucker for humour, and this quest absolutely NAILS humour.


You have to help a troll named My Arm. His name alone generates all sorts of funny dialogues, specially with captain Barnaby. Not only that, he said to you he dropped a full dragon set and an abyssal whip so he could eat an human more easily. He would trash tai bwo wannai. He would be lost, and he would beg for your help. Couple that with some gorgeous cutscenes and you got a win win. Oh, have i mentioned Burntmeat reward? Yeah, its awesome.


My arm, thanks for leting me complete My arm's big adventure so My arm's arm could plant more herbs for his fellow trolls arm don't dismember and eat me. Number 8 is yours




Number 7- Hunt for red raktober


Before anything else, Kudos to cold war. if it had been for that icy slope at 31 agility it could be tied with this one.


Hunt for Red Raktober (nice pun huh?) is THE humour quest of RS. "Oh but you said My arm big adventure was the best". Wrong, i said MABA was great, Hunt for red Raktober is the better one. To put it bluntly: My Arm's Big adventure is the original Metroid, while Hunt for Red Raktober is Super metroid.


Going on, Hunt for red Raktober has everything to make fun of every ilicit sterotype! It has a penguin Mafia, whose agent you can barely understand thanks to his italian accent, you have submarines [incert sailing joke here], we have octopus hats, we have dwarves, dwarves in penguins, penguins in sheep. Oh, and have i mentioned Octopus hats?


If you want a humourous quest, Hunt no further. It is my number 7 and I highly advise it to anyone who fancies a laugh.




Number 6- Darkness of Hallowvale



This quest is serious. Period.


The previous quests were pretty basic and standart fetch quest. Then this came out, and i was skeptical. I kept on doing the quest and THEN i get asked to travel to meyerditch. Guthix that place still gives me the chills.


It was dark, creepy, it had sentinels, pale humans. It was a maze filled with hidden passages and cool agility obstacles. Paper was flying in the streets and everything felt so... dead.


If any quest ever induced fear in me, this was it. It is a landmark in atmosphere and is very underrated by most players, never got why.


Congratulations Hollowvale, you get yourself a new light in nº 6.




Number 5- Summer's End



Summer's End was a very anticipated quest. And i mean VERY anticipated. It's predecessor, Spirit of Summer, was very teased with some wilderness lines near a farm. SoS didn't really deliver, but boy the sequel DID!


SoS left us in a cliffhanger, and Summer's End reclaimed that Hanger and Nailed everything it could! So we now had to lure an even stronger spirit beast into a cave. But you couldnt fight the beast directly, or you would be buldozered. What should we do? We weaken the beast with the aid of non combat skills of course! In the first room, we must use woodcutting and firemaking to make the beast blind, in the second we must run away fmo the beast's attacks and bury our own soul and in the third we must bless the graves of the departed.


In the end, you realise that the fate of those you tried to save is death, but its alruight they want it for millenia!


As for the rewards, one of the finest: The second hardest boss monster and THE hardest non-quest boss monster Corporeal Beast is given acess and you can wield the spirit shield, the best shield in thas game.


Ghostly or not, this quest is a solid nº5.




Number 4- Rocking Out



Man i love this quest. It was the last quest i did before obtaining the quest cape for the first time. That said I have fond memories of doing this quest in excitement of my first Cape of accomplishment.


Rocking out Delivered in every front possible! It was a worthy sequel to Great Brain roberry, wich *almost* ended up in this spot. The tie breaker? 2 words: Seagull Vaccuum. Now THAT's awesome! Joking aside this was an awesome pirate quest, we get to know new carachters, new places, new personalities and we got new items (some of wich i wish i kept).


Rocking out... Rock out of here in nº4




Number 3- Mourning Ends part2.....+ Within the Light



Whaaaaaaa? 2 quests in one spot? These 2 quest complement each other. Mourning Ends Part 2 is the hardest quest on RS. Period. But you know what made it harder? The size of the Temple. The distance between each pillar was excrutiating for the puzzle. If I didn't happen to have a good spacial memory i would be tampted to check a guide! Nit picking aside, Mourning Ends part 2 was an increadible quest, and most of it because it was HARD.

As for Within the Light, it was more of Mourning Ends, but better. The distance between the mirrors was much lower, but the uzzles were less smart however. If these 2 quests qere released toghether though, they would be my nº 2, but they weren't, so Mourning Ends part 2 and Within the light, stay with the Bronze k?





Number 2- While Guthix Sleeps



First of all, a little nitpick i have to make: I think WGS is overrated. It is still a stellar quest, it has everything it has to have but i just felt it was cliché during at least a 3rd part of it, and another third of it was "one small favour" all over again. That said, the last third of the game is just humoungus, original and awe inspiring.


While a slow starter, it soon picks up searching for a mad researcher, which resembled me of some antagonists of Indiana Jones. Then you are said to assemble a team of silled warriors to aid you in the battle with Lucien, the power-driven fool. You infiltrate their base, you confront Dark Squall and you set him up so you can impersonate him.


Then the moment comes... You go to deep wilderness... The heroes which have helped you all along appear and atart fighting lucien and his troops.. And then you see them falling one by one. This was the first pinnacle of WGS. Watching Duradel, Ghomall, Sloane, Tureal, Hazelmere and Cyrisius die was painfull, specially Hazelmere, the one NPC that convinced me to follow the ways of Guthix.


We continue our trek and descend to the depths of the Tears Abyss, and there it is, the most chilling place in all Gielinor, the Guthix Temple. This chill was not the straighforward horror hollowvale had, but a haunting presence of nothing. Thats righ, there was absolutely NOTHING in there. The build up was huge and it delivered, as in the end of this Gigantic Temple there was the Stone of Jas itself and an epic confrontation with the Balance Elemental. After a short Dialogue with Lucien itself, we fight, or rather, buldoze 2 tormented demons and return to Falador where we can communicate our research. The End


Is While Guthix Sleeps Overrated? Yes, but it is still a stellar quest that raised new standarts. If it had not been for the slow start, it would be my nº1 pick, but for now, it has my silver.



And, the number one is........ *drumrolls*





Number 1- The Chosen Commander



Yes i said it, The Chosen Commander is THE QUEST of RS. It has everything: buildup, a strong storyline, memorable carachers, for the first time ever EMOTION, new gimmicks, a memorable final stand with an avatar of BANDOS HIMSELF, a gorgeous heartwarming storyline-ending cutscene and to top it off: a steller soundtrack, wich compared to WGS (wich only had one worthwile song, sounds of Guthix) felt increadibly rich!


The story starts with a children poisoning case and you had to find the cause. It was HAM behind all of it and when things were going to be nasty, zanik returns and saves the day. In this very moment you take possesion of zanik's body and explore the Bandos throne room. The elders lock the HAM member but don't give them a trial, insted, they release him to the surface authorities. Zanik, infuriated by this, kills the HAM member and is sentenced to leave Dorgheshuun forever. She runs to the slayer caves and we must calm her down, like a real individual with real feelings. Afetr we calm her down she leaves for a breathe of fresh air. We then have to explora a HAM base in ardougne, until Zanik, possessed by Bandos, invades the base and starts killing everyone. You must then Not attack her but PERSUADE her to fight the power Bandos is offering. When she does so, Bandos' High priest will reclaim the necklace that was giving Zanik the power and teleport somewhwere else. You and zanik teleport to the Tears cave, but when you try to leave, an earthquake happens and Zanik almost falls to infinity. You must help her aim her crossbow to escape the cave. As you DO escape, You and Zanik are confronted by Juna, who says Zanik is now enemy of the gods, and if Guthix didn't protect you as a chosen one (<3) you wuld also be dommed.


We then return to Dorghesuun, where Bandos left an ultimatum. Just as the elders were giving up, Zanik decides to create a new weapon in conjuction with Oldak. But while they are disigning it, you must keep a odd box containing history of Dorgheshuun from harm and try to persuade the Dwarves to save the goblin children, to no avail though (a really sad part).


Then Oldak finishes the new weapon! a scientific crossbow whose bolts will plunge through holy armour and destroy the avatar.


You and Zanik march against bandos, the battle starts! When you arenearly killing him, the Avatar strikes Zanik, wich is lying now on the floor. You must kill the undead statues and rebuild the destroyed crossbow, weaken Bandos once again and give the mercy shot.


But Zanik won't wake up, is she dead? After lying a bit near her she comes to her senses and you both return to Dorgheshuun, where a triumphant theme and cutscene play, showing segements of all the past Cave goblin quests, like a walkthrough through the series.


This actually means a lot to me, since the cave goblin series pretty much followed my progress as a member. Lost tribe was my first member's quest and as i pregressed in my skill new goblin quests were being released, and watching this cutscene after all these years, it touched me profoundly, almost like it was made exclusively for me.


The cutscene:





Honorable mentions: RFD; Meeting history, Path to Glouphrie.



And this concluded my top 10 best quests in RS, if you don't agree with it, feel free to coment or write a lists in Response!




This has been Demoliboy2, Tip.It's unnofficial priest of Guthix.


Requiescat in peace

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Recommended Comments

I don't agree with Nomad's. For a lot of games, this is an average quest, but it fell far short from Runescape's high standards.


I would've at least included Recipe for Disaster in there somewhere. And I am a big My Arm fan. I wrote something about it last year: The Big Adventure


All in all I like your list though, although a couple seem more biased. I'm a big fan of top 10s.

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Couldn't disagree with number one more. That quest was boring.

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very nice top 10, i would fill in some spots differently but all the quests you stated are surely memorable...

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I don't agree with Nomad's. For a lot of games, this is an average quest, but it fell far short from Runescape's high standards.


I would've at least included Recipe for Disaster in there somewhere. And I am a big My Arm fan. I wrote something about it last year: The Big Adventure


All in all I like your list though, although a couple seem more biased. I'm a big fan of top 10s.


Yeah, i have to agree number one was a bit biased (like i said in the little text, it was the quest series that followed my rs progress) and so were Red Raktober and My arm's, since i love humourours quests.


As for Nomad's, i had a really good time fighting him and while plot is very weak and the leght very short, the boss fight was certainly memorable :grin:

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Well , the only thing I can say .... Is that I have allot waiting for me in the future


I Hope to have my tutor for those future adventures.

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