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Shattered hearts and omg easter




The last few weeks my RS life have revolved a lot around non-cbt skilling. I am actually enjoying shattered hearts more than I thought I would when I realised it meant training stuff like agility, hunter and *shudders* RC. It has even gotten me a hunter lvl (now 81, only 3 more lvls and I can pot for zombie implings. Of course, by then I won't spot a single one...) I am currently working on my 3rd statue, and I'm really wondering if the finished in-house statue will have any special rewards. I am also closing in on levels in RC (82), construction (83) and ranged (96). :)


Out in RL it seems that spring is finally on its way here up north. Yesterday the bf and I started the bbq-season (I even made my own bbq-sauce for the very first time!!) out on our balcony. In the sun it was a whopping 12C so we ate inside, but it was so nice to be able to sit outside while the food was cooking. The sun is also visibly higher in the sky and the snow and ice on the sidewalks is steadily melting away. Wonderful!!! However I had a major realisation yesterday when I saw that easter is THIS COMING WEEK. I was so sure it was one more week away. So now it was time to end all procrastination. Panicky message to my sister-in-law to organise my nieces birthdaygift (money, as she's going to London for a longweekend over easter). Thank god for internet banking as they're leaving this sunday :oops: Wild search in the attic to look for thermal underwear, thick sweaters and the likes for our own easter vacation, as we on monday (yep, Sio. *This* monday, not in a week...) are travelling further north to where the bf comes from for a week in his family's cabin up in the mountains. No, I'm not gonna ski at all, but snowmobile here I come :D Only drawback is no net up there. So I'm packing 2-3 kakuro books, my ebook, mp3 player, one of our laptops and possibly even moar books :)



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Just for your curiosity, the statue in your POH does nothing in the end other then looking AWESOME! (and the fact that.. nearly nobody will have it)

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Has Jagex stated so? Haven't seen anything about it, but again, I shun RSOF so could easily have missed it. :)

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Excellent. Thx a bunch. I'll still keep collecting pieces tho. As I like the incentive I get to train rarely-trained skills :)

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It would be nice if they had thrown in a big xp bonus or a cool item after you get the statue, but I really enjoy Shattered Heart: it made me participate in some skills I normally ignore for the most part.

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