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99 #3: Magic

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Serpent Eye




99 Magic

June 19, 2010




So, one day at Barrows a little over a month ago I randomly decided to get 99 Magic. I was around level 76-78 Magic at the time.


Anyway, I've been hacking away at this skill for some reason, and it's been a pretty fun journey!


I experimented with a lot of different training methods, and it was really cool to learn a bunch of stuff about a skill that I had otherwise taken for granted. I Alched, Superheated, Enchanted at the Mage Training Arena; I Humidified, Strung Jewellery, and Plank-Made myself silly; I killed a bunch of stuff using Ancient Magicks.


Unlike my previous two 99's (Cooking and Woodcutting) I didn't document my leveling on a day-to-day basis.


[hide=Some Images from my 99 Party]99Magic001.png








Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support me; it means a lot! :)


<3: SerpentEye

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20 Sailing? ZOMG NOOB.


Grats on teh 99. Hawt cape, that one. :thumbsup:

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Congratumalations Serpy. Now, why don't you get 95 smithing so you can help me with my effigy? :)

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You didn't invite me to the party.

Was it because I compared you with Justin Bieber?

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